Wayne Manor

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Hunted, Secrets, Tests, Safe, Broken, Family, Instinct, Attraction, Fall, Darkness, Reckoning, Nexus, Animal, Doppelganger, Unique, Hero, Twist, and Alone
Appearances (Comics): Law & (Dis)Order, The Rule of Three, and First-Person Shooter
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Wayne Manor is the home of the Wayne family for several generations, located just outside of Gotham City. Bounded by coastal waters, the manor is structured like a natural fortress. A secret elevator to the Batcave is located behind the fireplace in the living room. A swipe on a hidden panel to the right unlocks the elevator but can only be activated through a biometric palm scanner keyed to Bruce Wayne's prints. The elevator also leads to other hidden rooms such as a private libary.

A work out room in the manor is equipped with trap doors, moving obstacles, and live fire projectiles. The manor is lined with surveillance cameras monitoring the interior and grounds at all times. Military grade heat and motion detectors are in every room. If anyone tampers with an alarm, a fail-safe protocol seals the manor. If security is still at risk, there is an impenetrable vault converted into panic room with a titanium blast door and stocked with six months worth of supplies. The manor itself has 19 guest rooms, maybe more.

Dr. Jason Burr was taken to Wayne Manor as a guest after the League of Assassins made a move on him. Despite the manor's security system, several assassins and Silver Monkey infiltrated the building. Pennyworth and Burr made it into the panic room while Batman and Tatsu Yamashiro faced off against the assassins.

About eight months later, Wayne invited District Attorney Harvey Dent and Captain Dane Lisslow to the estate. After sparring with Lisslow, Wayne presented a very big check to Dent for his mayoral campaign. For her protection, Dr. Ava Kirk was brought to Wayne Manor and stayed in a guest room. However, the Council's Manhunter clones still found her, scaled the property's cliff face, and kidnapped her from the manor.