Old Gotham

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Appearances: Monsters
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Old Gotham is the original and oldest section of Gotham City. It was once the jewel of the city but was reduced to a slum. Gotham's wealthy turned a blind eye to it. After watching "The Mark of Zorro" at the Monarch Theater, Thomas, Martha and Bruce Wayne walked down an alley back to nearby Wayne Manor. They were accosted by Joe Chill. Chill shot and murdered Bruce's parents right before his eyes. The alley would later come to be known as Crime Alley.

Just before Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Assassins incited a city-wide blackout, Mayor Grange approved construction of luxury apartments in Old Gotham. Sapphire Stagg became a tenant of Gotham Arms, a high rise built on the outskirts of Old Gotham. Rex Mason took refuge in a church near the Arms during the day and would fight crime at night. Locals began to refer to him as the Golem of Old Gotham after he opposed the thugs wearing battle suits. Sapphire Stagg tried to use the thugs to terrorize residents into leaving Old Gotham so she could buy up real estate cheap and rebuild it for profit. Batman, Katana, and Metamorpho's interference prevented her plan from coming to fruition. She wasn't charged with the attacks.