Contagion Research Center

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Sacrifice
Powers: Not Applicable
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Gotham City's Contagion Research Center (CRC) contains the world's most lethal contaminants. It studies and develops countermeasures to toxins ranging from infectious diseases to synthetic contaminants. The Center's multiple security measures were designed by Wayne Industries to keep the toxins safely contained. All security doors are armed with multi-mobile biometric locks, the most secure system possible. A positive simultaneous match of a recognized face, iris, voice, and handprint is required for each door. The research facilities are housed on three tiered levels with toxicity severity increasing with each level. Mild contaminants are housed on level one, modern threats on level two, and severe toxins on level three. In the event of a severe toxin's release, the CRC breach protocol is engaged and doors seal up the level infected. If the toxin reaches level one, high temperature explosives embedded in the Center's structure detonate and incinerate the complex to prevent an outbreak that could devastate the city.

Anarky set his sights on the Calibosix toxin, kept on level three of the CRC, to serve in his ongoing quest to destroy Gotham City. He stole the body of Ra's al Ghul and blackmailed Lady Shiva into stealing the Calibosix for him. Lady Shiva and a small squad of two assassins entered the CRC and made their way to level three while Anarky tipped off Batman and Katana. They were too late and the two assassins were infected and mutated by a sample of Calibosix. Anarky hacked into the CRC's video feed and watched the two parties. CRC Executive Director Jocelyn Kilroy got authorization from the Mayor's office to initiate breach protocol but Lieutenant Gordon convinced the Mayor to retract it in order to give Batman a chance. Kilroy relented and got permission from the Governor. Batman managed to apply the anti-serum to himself, Katana, and the two assassins just in time to alert Gordon to get the breach protocol cancelled.