The Armory

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Broken and Epitaph
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Armory is a fortress built in Gotham City. Built during the Civil War, the catacombs running beneath the Armory were used by militia and civilians as shelter during intense shelling. After the war, the Armory was sealed. In the present, Humpty Dumpty used the Armory to stage the execution of James Gordon and Tobias Whale. Batman intervened, saved them, and pursued Humpty to the top of the Armory. He watched as Humpty jumped to his death, only to see it was a fake doll. Months after the city-wide black out, Harvey Dent had the Armory reopened to store Special Crimes Unit equipment securely. He feared if Commissioner Gordon knew the true amount of firepower they had, Gordon would have it taken away. Only Dent and his second-in-command Dane Lisslow were given full access to the Armory. During Bruce Wayne's funeral, Bad Batman opened fire on the guests. Batman recognized the gun used as the one Humpty used at the Armory. Batman investigated but was attacked by the Special Crimes Unit. He evaded them and entered the northwest corner of the Armory.

Unable to find an exit, Batman caused a minor cave-in to separate himself from the SCU. Surprisingly, Dane Lisslow appeared from a trap door and offered aid to Batman. Batman already deduced Lisslow was Bad Batman and was trying to get him alone to kill him and come out a hero. Batman chased Lisslow into the catacombs. In the chaos, grenades were detonated and Dent was caught in the blast wave. Batman was blasted out a back entrance where Katana retrieved him. In the morning, a body was recovered and concluded to be Lisslow's.