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Real Identity: Rex Mason
Appearances: Toxic, Monsters, and Alone
Powers/Skills: Transmutation
Voiced By: Adam Baldwin

Rex Mason was a security guard at Stagg Industries. He was a good man who lived to protect those he loved. Mason soon fell in love with Sapphire Stagg, daughter of Simon Stagg, the CEO of Stagg Industries. Mason was wary he wouldn't approve. While investigating an alarm, Mason chased a masked intruder into the Project Metamorpho lab. The intruder was Simon Stagg, who chose Mason to be his test subject for the Metamorpho gas, designed to create an elemental super soldier. Mason lost consciousness from the exposure but was saved by Batman. He woke up in Gotham Hospital to the Stagg's. Mason apologized to Simon Stagg for the secrecy and admitted he loved Sapphire and would always protect her. Mason felt nausea and went to the bathroom. He soon mutated into Metamorpho. A police officer happened to enter the room and opened fire. Metamorpho fled the hospital and rampaged uptown near the Queen Street Gallery. Batman attempted to stop him but Metamorpho melted through restraints and collapsed a building. Batman realized he was Rex Mason. Before escaping into the sewers, Metamorpho implored Batman to "tell her not to be afraid."

Batman took a sample of Metamorpho and upon analzying it, learned his cellular structure was completely unstable from exposure to the gas. He would soon die. Batman broke into Stagg Industries and learned the truth. Metamorpho sneaked into Sapphire Stagg's bedroom to see her. He assured her he was still Rex Mason on the inside. Batman arrived and accused Simon Stagg of Mason's plight. While Sapphire refused to believe it, Metamorpho did. He lost control and got into another battle with Batman. Batman attempted to taser Metamorpho into submission but Sapphire was zapped unconscious. In a fit of anger, Metamorpho broke free and fled with Sapphire. Playing into Batman's plans, Metamorpho headed to Stagg Industries for revenge. While Simon Stagg unwillingly stalled Metamorpho, Batman finished creating an antidote. Stagg lured Metamorpho back to the lab where Batman exposed him to the antidote. However, it failed to cure him. Metamorpho questioned Sapphire Stagg about her loving who he was in the outside. She admitted she didn't feel the same anymore. Metamorpho shattered the emergency ventilator and vanished. Presumed dead, Metamorpho reconstituted underground in secret.

Mason took the time to relearn how to think and move and to teach himself how to exploit his abilities. Once he was back in fighting form, Mason took refuge in a church in Old Gotham near the Gotham Arms, where he could keep an eye on Sapphire Stagg. While staying hidden during the day, Mason used the night to defend innocent civilians. As far he was concerned, he could use his powers to help good people and was no longer seeking a cure. Rex Mason was dead. When armored thugs began terrorizing residents, Mason defeated them. He soon earned the nickname, The Golem of Old Gotham. After five nights of encounters, he ran into Batman and Katana. Together, they confronted the thugs in front of the Monarch Theater. Katana later proposed he take on the codename Metamorpho. Mason liked it and accepted. Metamorpho then let it be known he was open to teaming up again some day and he would stay in Old Gotham.

Metamorpho was called upon by Katana and met up with her at the entrance to the Cauldron along with Man Bat. They took a mobile command unit stolen by Oracle to the Batcave to help Batman with stopping Deathstroke. Once Oracle identified the signal put out by the C4, Metamorpho had Man Bat fly him around the Batcave to gather the explosives. However, they couldn't kill the countdown in time. Metamorpho gathered them and absorbed the explosion. None the worse for wear, Metamorpho then used his ability to generate the enzyme PKM-Zeta and wiped Deathstroke's memory.