Man Bat

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Real Identity: Dr. Kirk Langstrom
Appearances: Doppelganger and Alone
Appearances (Comics): Son of Man-Bat
Powers/Skills: Echolocation, Flight, Above Average Physical Attributes, and Knowledge of Science
Voiced By: Robin Atkin Downes

Dr. Kirk Langstrom was a research scientist trying to break down the DNA of bats in hopes of developing a life-saving serum from their disease-resistant immune system. Professor Pyg and Mister Toad stole Langstrom's research and perverted it. They forced him to test his serum on himself. He was no longer a man. The serum turned him into a literal Man-Bat. Pyg implanted capsules on Man Bat's neck. The capsules served as a hypodermic for scopolamine, a toxin made from nightshade that creates a loss of mental control and forces the victim to become mentally bonded to the first voice it hears. They took control of Man Bat's mind and body. Man Bat was forced to rob chemical depots of components directly related to DNA sequencing, specifically animal DNA, so they could create more of Langstrom's serum and create an animal army to take back Gotham City for animal kind. While recovering from a battle against Killer Croc, Bruce Wayne saw Man Bat in a dream. That night, Wayne saw Man Bat fly past his bistro while he dined with Harvey Dent and Captain Dane Lisslow. Man Bat noticed Wayne was following him and ambushed Wayne in an alley.

Bruce Wayne almost chalked up the encounter as a mild hallucination but he checked recent Gotham crime reports from previous nights and saw a pattern unfold. There were several break-ins at chemical supply companies in the last month. Batman determined there was a 68% chance the next robbery would be at Tapper Chemicals, a leading distributor of sequenced animal DNA. Man Bat soon appeared. After throwing Katana into the Bat Cycle, Man Bat took off but Batman grapneled one of his legs. As Man Bat flew around the city, he was unable to shake Batman. After flying through a construction site, Man Bat was attacked by Batman. He yanked the two capsules from Man Bat's neck then steered him right into the Tapper Chemicals logo. Professor Pyg and Mister Toad demanded Man Bat back but the Special Crimes Unit arrived and attempted to arrest them. Batman secured the unconscious Man Bat in his Batmobile and drove off to the Batcave. Man Bat awoke strapped down in the Batcave. He explained his origins to Batman and Katana then agreed to help lead them to the villains.

Just as Man Bat, Batman and Katana arrived at the old Gotham Zoo, they heard a scream. While Batman confronted Pyg and Toad, Man Bat and Katana freed three hostages and led them to the zoo's entrance where police officers took them into custody. Mister Toad got the drop on Man Bat and implanted two capsules once again. Man Bat followed orders and carried the unconscious Katana away. Man Bat then battled Batman. He tossed goo into Man Bat's face and attempted to talk him into resisting the nightshade derivative. Batman had to resort to head butting Man Bat and removed the capsules. He then used the capsules on Pyg and Toad to stop them. Man Bat was grateful but wasn't sure how he would replay Batman and Katana. Batman implored him to continue his research and find a cure. Man Bat was unsure how he could in his condition. Batman declared he was still Kirk Langstrom on the inside and had to simply remember that. Man Bat understood and asked how he could communicate with them if he ever needed help again. Batman replied they would find him.

Batman deliberately left an abandoned Wayne Industries lab, near the corner of Adams and Franklin, fully equipped so Langstrom could use it. Langstrom spent months gathering incredibly rare elements to create a possible antidote to his current condition. Before taking it himself, Langstrom plannted to test a sample on a lab animal and prepared more of the serum. While taking a shortcut from school, Tim Quan sighted Man-Bat entering the lab. He mistook Man-Bat for Batman and followed him inside. Quan tried to find a light switch but knocked over the serum and was transformed into a Man-Bat. Langstrom discovered the intrusion and rigged a security system that sprayed adhesive foam on anymore intruders.

After Batman conferred with Langstrom, Langstrom noted the effects of the serum stabilized for him because he was an adult at the time of exposure. Quan was still an adolescent and the serum would keep creating new mutations in his body. Langstrom squeezed the contents of the antidote and was able to make a second. They met up with Katana who found Barbara Gordon's cell phone in an alley. Langstrom smelled Quan's spoor leading to the north. Combined with Quan's love of astronomy and classic movies, Batman deduced Quan took Gordon to the Gotham Observatory. Upon seeing Quan's new form, Langstrom believed he didn't have much time left before the serum's effects became lethal. He attempted to force feed the cure into Quan but Quan fought back and the first sample was destroyed. As Langstrom struggled to neutralize Quan, he himself began to lose control. Batman convinced Langstrom to use the last sample of antidote on Quan since Quan was still a child and had the rest of his life ahead of him. Once Gordon administered the antidote successfully, Langstrom left but felt guilty for even considering keeping the cure of himself.

Man Bat was summoned by Katana and met up with her at the entrance to the Cauldron along with Metamorpho. They hitched a ride with Oracle, who stole a mobile command unit, and raced to the Batcave to help defeat Deathstroke once and for all. Once Oracle located all the C4 Deathstroke planted, Man Bat flew Metamorpho around the cave to gather the explosives. With the Batcave (and Wayne Manor saved) and Deathstroke defeated, Pennyworth tasked Man Bat with thinking of a way to erase Deathstroke's memory. Man Bat was intrigued with the challenge and recalled the enzyme PKM-Zeta. He conveyed the properties to Metamorpho, who used his powers to generate the element and neutralize Deathstroke.