Harvey Dent


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Real Identity: Harvey Dent
Appearances: Nexus, Monsters, Animal, Doppelganger, Hero, Epitaph, Twist, and Alone
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of the Law
Voiced By: Christopher McDonald

Harvey Dent is a lawyer who only sees morality in black and white. After another uprising, Dent moved to have a facility called Arkum closed. Six months after the League of Assassins' blackout, he is the newly elected District Attorney in Gotham City. He used events of the blackout to get into office. He milked it ever since and went on an anti-cape crusade, primarily focused on arresting Batman once and for all. In private, Dent was using Batman's capture as a platform for his run for Mayor. If he got elected, he wouldn't care less about Batman. In public, Dent upheld the city didn't legally condone costumed vigilantes and made a request to Mayor Grange for funding geared to forming a special crimes unit tasked to deal with the 'mask and cape crisis.' After his request was tampered with by Anarky somehow and used to blow up Mayor Grange's office, Dent gathered enough circumstantial evidence to get an arrest warrant. He requisitioned a S.W.A.T. unit and stormed the roof of the Gotham City Police Department as Gordon met with Batman and Katana. They easily took down the unit and fled the scene. At 20:13, Dent was tranquilized by Batman and dragged from his parking space. Batman needed to take drastic action and used Dent to draw out the real bomber, Anarky.

Anarky improvised and placed proximity charge bands on himself, Batman, Katana, and Dent then issued an ultimatum - Batman would escort Dent to Symbion Business Park and surrender or he would detonate a larger bomb. Dent refused to accept the reality of the situation and believed it to be all a puppet show staged for Batman's benefit. Once at Symbion Park, Dent still ordered to police to take Batman down. After Anarky set off the bomb and Batman saved his life, Dent still wanted Batman arrested. Gordon refused to comply and bid the duo good night. Mayor Grange decided Dent was too dangerous a political rival for the next mayoral election. She approved his funding request, believing the special crimes unit would be political suicide for Dent. A citizen watchdog group attributed the drop in Gotham's crime rate for a third month to Batman but Dent denied the connection. A few weeks later, Dent declared the first priority of his Special Crimes Unit was to bring Batman to justice. He led the SCU to Old Gotham to take care of the Golem and Batman.

Dent's forces were overpowered by the band of armored thugs terrorizing the Old Gotham neighborhood. A news report praised Batman and his allies for saving the day and Dent's SCU. While in a fit of rage in his office, Dent was paid an unexpected visit by Anarky. Anarky proposed he would work with Dent and kill Batman. By the time Dent got to his gun, Anarky was gone. Some time later, Dent led the SCU to Sirenox Software and arrested the Key but failed to capture Batman and Katana. After escorting the Key to Blackgate Penitentiary, Dent vowed to put Batman in the smallest cell there. Back in his office, Dent observed a wanted ad for the Penguin but was interrupted by Batman, who voluntarily surrendered. Batman was taken to Blackgate immediately. Unable to unmask Batman, Dent let him keep the costume on and be a walking bullseye. After Blackgate's prisoners took the penitentiary over, Dent consulted with Deputy Mayor Hull and was authorized to do what he thought was best. Dent ordered Commissioner Gordon to stand down from storming Blackgate and a media blackout was issued.

Dent became worried when Gordon threatened to issue a statement to the press that would incriminate him for doing nothing. Dent gave in and allowed Gordon to have his forces storm Blackgate and restore order. After Mayor Grange's leave of absence reached a month's worth of time, Dent was convinced she was going to step down. Dent believed it was time to take his campaign negative and give Grange the right push. In order to do so, he needed money. Namely, from Bruce Wayne. Wayne met with Lisslow and Dent over dinner but abruptly left after he saw the Man Bat fly past. The next day, Dent and Lisslow were invited to Wayne Manor. To Dent's surprise, he received a very big check from Wayne. Dent was opposed by Jocelyn Kilroy in the bid for Mayor. On the day of Mayor Grange's resignation, Dent's poll numbers slipped after viral footage of the Special Crime Unit's latest botched attempt to catch Batman. Anarky was also becoming annoyed with its mounting failures and proposed a game changer was needed. A mercernary named Deathstroke was hired to pose as Dent's own champion.

Deathstroke's methods proved to be excessive and Dent wanted him to back down. In a surprising turn, Deathstroke knocked Anarky out and took Dent hostage. Dent was taken to the Gotham Sky Tram and dangled out of a gondala as bait for Batman. Batman managed to save Dent but he promised nothing had changed. It was still his job to uphold the law. Just then, Anarky called Dent's cell phone. The next day, Dent revived his anti-hero agenda amid a poll bump. He tried to spin the kidnapping as his plan to reveal Deathstroke's true nature. However, reporters were quick to point out he hired Deathstroke in the first place. One of Dent's new measures was to put pressure on any police officers that helped Batman and Katana. Dent continued to campaign and often told crowds stories of growing up poor with a father who worked two jobs. After the funeral of Bruce Wayne and escalating attacks by the Bad Batman, Dent formed a joint commission between the Gotham Police Department and the Special Crimes Unit.

Harvey Dent was called to the Armory after the SCU encountered Batman. Dent realized Lisslow was alone with Batman and had the SCU enter the catacombs. Batman tried to warn Dent but it was too late. Armed grenades detonated and Dent was seriously wounded. The SCU carried Dent outside to safety and he was taken to Gotham Hospital. The next morning, it was reported he was expected to recover. Dent's face was disfigured and bandaged up. Acting Mayor Hull took Dent's place in the special mayoral election. Dent blamed Batman for ruining everything and sought to eliminate him once and for all. While preparing to sneak out of the hospital, Dent was visited by Anarky. He mused he had some loose ends to tie up. Dent and Anarky broke into Jocelyn Kilroy's apartment and drafted an email announcing her resignation from the campaign. When Kilroy returned home, they convinced her to comply. Dent then made Hull declare martial law and authorize the joint commission to execute Batman. When Commissioner Gordon refused to comply, Dent called on Hull to relieve him.

In disgust, Gordon quit. Dent ignored Anarky's analysis of Batman's move and sent the SCU to the Watson Building. Dent confronted Batman on the roof but Deathstroke, disguised as a SCU officer, intervened and knocked him out. Dent was awakened by Anarky and shown the helicopter crash in the distance. Dent admitted remorse that he wasn't the one who got to kill Batman and began speaking in a dualistic manner. Dent remarked three was crowd and turned his gun on Anarky. He pursued him back into the Watson Building. Anarky gained the upper hand and mused he could end Dent as easily as he created him. Gordon arrived and shot the knife out of Anarky's hand. After Anarky fled the building, Dent told Gordon to consider running for mayor since they weren't interested anymore and simply walked away. Gordon was stunned and didn't understand what Dent meant by "we."