Silver Monkey

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: League of Assassins
Appearances: Safe, Broken, Family, and Darkness
Appearances (Comics): The Rule of Three
Powers/Skills: Above Average Agility, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: James Remar

Silver Monkey is a member of the League of Assassins. Aside from being a master martial artist, he employs a variety of hidden weapons such as hand claws, blow darts, shoe daggers, and exploding gas balls. Oddly, at one point, Silver Monkey despised hand claws and felt they had no honor. Some time later, Silver Monkey was assigned to aid in the kidnapping of Dr. Jason Burr once he dealt with an assassin who failed the mission. Silver Monkey disguised himself as Mr. Reese, head of a security team hired by Bruce Wayne. After being apprised of the manor's security system, he took out the team with blow darts then descended on the manor. Silver Monkey was surprised to see his former comrade Katana was alive and was in possession of the Soul Taker sword. Before he could blow the panic room and grab Burr, Silver Monkey was forced to surrender the detonator to Katana. He managed to grab the Soul Taker and was about to kill Katana but Batman intervened. Silver Monkey was forced to withdraw. He reported Katana's status to Lady Shiva but did not reveal the existence of the Soul Taker.

Silver Monkey conspired with Dr. Ravencroft to lure Bruce Wayne to the Argus Club then ransom him off for the Soul Taker sword. While Wayne was out on a date with Ravencroft, Silver Monkey slipped into Wayne's car and demanded the sword from Yamashiro. After a brief fight, Silver warned Yamashiro then incinerated the car. Soon enough, Wayne was kidnapped according to plan. Silver issued a one hour ultimatum to Yamashiro. Once she arrived, Silver took Ravencroft's crossbow and shot Wayne out a window. With the Soul Taker, he planned to become leader of the League of Assassins. Lady Shiva was aware of his ambitions and intervened in his ransom. Once Silver Monkey was subdued, Shiva had him taken away to be tortured. After the League occupied the Fallpoint Underground Power Substation, Monkey was taken to a prison cell on the grounds. He was later joined by Batman. Together, they escaped but Batman stayed behind to try and disable the Ion Cortex.

Honor bound to repay his debt, Silver Monkey fought off the League. He cut Batman off from the Cortex and directed him to a ventilation shaft at the end of the hall. Monkey then engaged Lady Shiva in single combat. He was defeated. Just as Alfred Pennyworth and Katana returned to the substation, Shiva tossed Monkey's mask aside.