Nicky Red

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Comics): The Rule of Three
Powers/Skills: Theft
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Nicky Red is a pickpocket who Batman often interrogates for information on the criminal underworld. On one night, Red stole the wallet from a man named Robert Donnelly as he left a showing of "The Nursery Rhyme." As Red ducked into an alley to look at the wallet's contents, he was distracted by a Batarang that dropped near him. Ever curious, he picked it up and was hoisted upwards by Batman. As Red dangled in the air, Batman inquired what Professor Pyg was planning. At first, Red insisted he didn't know anything but soon caved in and revealed he heard there were three jobs going down that night - one at the Gotham City Stock Exchange, one at Larby's Distribution Center, and one at the Gotham Arms. Batman was satisfied and pulled him up to the roof's edge.