Professor Pyg

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Real Identity: Lazlo Valentin
Appearances: Hunted, Instinct, Darkness, Reckoning, and Doppelganger
Appearances (Comics): The Rule of Three
Powers/Skills: Chemistry, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Brian George

Professor Pyg is a scientist whose weapons of choice are a blunder buss, bone saw, and scalpel. At some time, the alleged doctor became an eco-terrorist and partnered with Mister Toad. They went to Gotham City to kidnap Simon Stagg, Michael Holt, and Bruce Wayne and avenge the animals driven from their natural habitat at the Keystone Wetlands. They were soon opposed by Batman. During their first encounter, Pyg advised Toad to have some respect for their new enemy. Soon after, Pyg fought Batman one-on-one but lost. He evaded capture with Toad.

Upon learning Burt Preston would be in Gotham City with his family, Professor Pyg fashioned three jobs that would take place in one night. In retaliation for Preston's company causing an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico due to using shoddy equipment and a lack of safeguards. Infuriated the company got away with the deaths of marine life in the area, Pyg believed restitution was owed and planned to make an example of Preston and his wife to their son. While Batman was believed to be occupied with the other two jobs, Pyg drove straight into the lobby of the Gotham Arms and cornered the Preston's. Anticipating Batman's intervention, Pyg detonated an explosive and walked the Preston's up the stairwell to the roof. Pyg then ordered Mr. and Mrs. Preston to walk over the edge of the roof. Batman came to in time and rendered Pyg unconscious before the Preston's fell to their deaths.

In the summer, Pyg and Toad targeted Gotham's fashion elite for their crimes against animal kind. They incorporated the "Baa Baa Black Sheep" nurser rhyme as their calling card, leaving excerpts with the first of their targets - Azzura and Liam Taylor. As Azzura and her bodyguards left Club Plush out the back, Pyg disabled her guards with blowdarts. They placed a bird mask on her and hung her on the face of a clock tower in uptown. The duo watched from the roof as she plummeted only to be saved by Batman. Pyg and Toad attacked Liam Taylor in his workshop and placed him in a death trap. Batman and Katana saved Taylor and found a lead to Cole Plastics. Batman investigated the factory and was ambushed. Pyg armed himself with electric paddles in battle but was slammed. The battle was cut short when police descended upon the factory. Pyg and Toad's final act was to blow up the Masters of Fashion's After Party on the Sea, taking place aboard a Trident Monarch X-90 yacht, with a modified form of phosphorus found on an African toad. Batman and Katana intervened once again. Pyg got the upper hand and coated him in resin but Katana came to the rescue. Pyg and Toad attempted to speed up the countdown and escape but they were incapacitated by Katana when she deflected their bombs.

They were taken to Blackgate Penitentiary. Ra's Al Ghul freed the duo as a plan to deal with Batman once and for all. At first, Pyg didn't care and felt Batman was Ra's' problem. He later took up Ra's challenge and pursued Batman for a piece of the city. Batman ran them off the road only to be attacked by Magpie. After Batman surrendered to Magpie, the villains began fighting each other over him. Pyg was last seen being tossed by Magpie. Eight months later, Pyg and Toad stole and perverted the research of Dr. Kirk Langstrom. They forced him to test his serum on himself. He transformed into a Man Bat. Pyg injected two capsules containing scopolamine into Man Bat's neck. They had complete control over Man Bat. They forced him to rob chemical depots around the city so they could create more serum and raise an animal army to take back Gotham for all animal kind. While robbing a chemical factory, the duo ran into Katana and gave her the slip. They encountered Batman and Katana at Tapper Chemicals.

Before they could take Man Bat back into their custody, Pyg and Toad were surrounded by the Special Crimes Unit. Toad used his sonic croak to create an exit. Pyg and Toad returned to the old Gotham Zoo and prepared to use the serum on three kidnapped women. Pyg implored Toad to choose one to be his wife. However, they were interrupted when Batman shattered the vial of serum and attacked Pyg. Pyg was no match for Batman but Toad managed to gain control of Man Bat again. Pyg served as minister of Toad's sham wedding to Katana. Batman intervened and injected both Pyg and Toad with the capsule. They obeyed his orders and sat down. The police soon returned to the zoo and arrested them.