Phosphorus Rex

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Real Identity: Milo Match
Appearances: Allies, Darkness, and Reckoning
Powers/Skills: Pyrokinesis and Law
Voiced By: Greg Ellis

Milo Match is Tobias Whale's lawyer and chief enforcer, Phosphorus Rex. Match has pyrokinetic powers. When activated, Match's head and hands light on fire. Match was summoned to the Gotham City Police Department after Whale was arrested for stealing from a Stagg Industries warehouse. Match simply stated Whale was to be released by midnight and all charged and plans for prosecution to be dropped. Lieutenant Gordon laughed and did not comply. Match then went to the Gordon residence and kidnapped Barbara Gordon. He took her to the Cauldron and made a deal with the resident gang, the Ghosts. Match gifted them a fuel tanker in exchange for their help. The Ghosts agreed to the proposal. Despite this, Batman and Katana found the warehouse where Match and Gordon were. Match used his powers but Katana drove the fuel tanker right at him on the principal a fire could be taken out by a bigger fire. The plan worked. Unable to generate heat, Match passed out.

Match was taken to Blackgate Penitentiary. He was later freed by Ra's Al Ghul in order to take care of Batman. Rex was antagonistic towards Magpie in particular and blasted her aside so he could have Batman. As the two quarreled, they were taken over by Cypher. Once freed, all the freed villains converged on Batman. Once Batman surrendered to Magpie, Rex blasted her and declared victory but Cypher threw him into a building.