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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Secrets and Attraction
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength
Voiced By: J.B. Blanc

Lunkhead is a criminial with incredible strength but low intelligence. He gets his namesake from the protrusion on his head. Allegedly, Batman caught Lunkhead and put him in a coma that lasted two months. Lunkhead then served time at Blackgate Penitentiary where he volunteered for a mind control experiment. The special helmet had no effect on Lunkhead. During this time, he met Margaret Sorrow whom he thought was nice to him.

After being released from Blackgate, Lunkhead went straight and got a job. While lifting boxes, Lunkhead was startled by Lieutenant Gordon. Gordon managed to calm him down with a promise he wasn't going back to jail and chocolate bars. Lunkhead agreed to answer Gordon's questions about the mind control experiment. Lunkhead gave Gordon Sorrow's name which led him to Miskatonic Psychiatric Hospital.

Eventually, Lunkhead broke the law again. He stole a car and took it on as a new toy. While holding it over his head and running with it, Lunkhead was stopped by Katana. Angered he threw the car and grabbed Katana by a leg. Batman arrived and launched Lunkhead into a pole. They turned him over to the police and helped escort him to Blackgate Penitentiary. Batman advised the staff to make sure Lunkhead was given a lot of candy. Magpie attempted to convince Lunkhead to help escape from the "bad people" but he felt he himself was bad again and escaping was wrong. Magpie quickly convinced him to help by promising him all the candy he could ever want. Lunkhead shoved his prison cell door onto a guard then freed Magpie. Magpie then kicked Lunkhead and he flew down to the next floor.