League of Assassins

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Safe, Broken, Family, Sacrifice, Fall, Darkness, and Reckoning
Appearances (Comics): The Rule of Three
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker (Mutant Ninjas 1&2)

The League of Assassins are a group of deadly warriors who sell their services to those with the deepest pockets. They used the Soul Taker sword to rain terror on the world. Alfred Pennyworth and Edogawa Yamashiro worked for MI:6 and fought the League while in pursuit of Ra's Al Ghul, the League's leader. Years later, Tatsu Yamashiro worked with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as an undercover agent, Katana. During this time, Tobias Whale purchased weapons from the League and they were secretly smuggled on the Flying Fox. Yamashiro was initiated into the League to determine the whereabouts of the international criminal Ra's al Ghul. Instead, she discovered the sword. Yamashiro stole the sword, faked her death, faked the sword's destruction, and went into hiding. About a year later, she resurfaced in Gotham City. Silver Monkey conspired with Dr. Ravencroft to take the Soul Taker back.

As the completion of the Ion Cortex neared, the League was dispatched to Gotham City to kidnap the creator of the Cortex, Dr. Jason Burr. Lady Shiva presided over the mission and was less than pleased when the first attempt failed. Silver Monkey was assigned to the mission. He led a small band of assassins to infiltrate Wayne Manor and find Burr. Silver Monkey discovered Tatsu Yamashiro was still alive and was in possession of the Soul Taker sword. With Batman's arrival, he was forced to withdraw. Lady Shiva set her sights on Yamashiro's capture. Silver Monkey secretly planned to take leadership of the League away from Shiva with the Soul Taker. However, Lady Shiva was aware of his machinations and had him captured at the Argus Club. The League abandoned the club and scattered. They sent their member Cypher to steal the designs of the Ion Cortex from Dr. Burr's mind.

Anarky created a plot to destroy Gotham City using the League of Assassins. He stole the body of Ra's al Ghul and blackmailed Lady Shiva into stealing the Calibosix for him. She failed due to her men's negligence and Batman's interference but in good faith, Anarky left Ra's at the League base. Ra's was awakened and the plans for the Ion Cortex came to a head. In exchange for an island, Dr. Burr brought the Cortex to the Fallpoint Underground Power Substation so the League could black out Gotham City. Katana was captured and Batman was knocked out by Ra's. Pennyworth intervened and fled with Katana. Ra's used the Cortex and drowned Gotham in darkness. He declared the League would base itself in Gotham and place the city under its protection. They would cleanse the city and restore it to its greatness through rebirth in darkness. The League was defeated by the combined efforts of Batman, Katana, Pennyworth, and the Gordons. With Ra's taken by the formerly imprisoned souls from the Soul Taker and Lady Shiva captured, the statue of the League and its leadership is unknown.

Current Members

Ra's Al Ghul


Lady Shiva

Former Members

Dr. Jason Burr


Silver Monkey