Lady Shiva

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: League of Assassins
Appearances: Safe, Family, Sacrifice, Instinct, Fall, Darkness, and Reckoning
Appearances (Comics): The Rule of Three
Powers/Skills: Unarmed Combat and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Finola Hughes

Lady Shiva is the leader of the League of Assassins in Ra's Al Ghul's absence. She presided over the mission to kidnap Dr. Jason Burr. When the first attempt failed, she had the lone assassin who returned taken care of for his failure. Silver Monkey was dispatched. After the second attempt failed, Lady Shiva cancelled any further attempts on Dr. Burr and believed the League would find another way to obtain the Ion Cortex. She was more intrigued and interested in the revelation that Katana faked her death and was still alive. Silver Monkey did not report Katana was in possession of the Soul Taker sword. Lady Shiva became aware of his plans to usurp leadership.

During Silver Monkey's attempt to gain the Soul Taker, she arrived at the Argus Club and had the assassins present subdue Silver Monkey while she drained Dr. Ravencroft's soul with the sword. Lady Shiva also relished the chance to deal with two of her most troublesome opponents, Batman and Katana. She was distracted by a rocket propelled grenade launched by Alfred Pennyworth outside the main compound. While fighting both at the same time, Shiva was scratched on her right cheek. She cut her losses and left the Argus Club by helicopter while archers shot at Batman and Katana. Lady Shiva was not pleased when she learned the body of Ra's al Ghul was stolen while being unloaded in Gotham Pier. She gave her men a day to find him but she was surprised to encounter Anarky. In order to get Ra's back from Anarky, Shiva led two assassins to the Contagion Research Center to steal him a vial of Calibosix. Batman and Katana intervened and rescued her when her men were infected with the toxin. She escaped the center but had no toxin. Despite this, Ra's al Ghul's body was waiting upon her return. She kneeled and proclaimed Gotham City would soon have a new ruler.

Lady Shiva visited Dr. Burr at his laboratory in Wayne Industries pleased with his compliance in handing the Ion Cortex to the League when it was finished. She welcomed him as a member as well. Lady Shiva awaited Burr at the Fallpoint Underground Power Substation. After he arrived with the Cortex, she took him to Ra's. They descended to the central grid hub. Katana managed to return Dr. Burr to his senses. But as he set to disable the Cortex, Lady Shiva used the Soul Taker on him and removed his soul. Ra's defeated Batman in combat but ordered Lady Shiva to stand down before she could use the sword again. She later took on the escaped Silver Monkey in single combat. She defeated him and tossed his mask aside just as Alfred Pennyworth and Katana arrived to destroy the Ion Cortex. She had brought them to Ra's Al Ghul. After the Ion Cortex was destroyed, Lady Shiva was knocked out by Katana.