The Key

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Animal and Twist
Powers/Skills: Technokinesis and Forgery
Voiced By: J.B. Blanc

The Key is a super criminal known for being able to open any door. Through some means, the Key gave himself a cybernetic upgrade. A computer skeleton key was embedded in his fingertips. It allowed him to morph his fingertips to pick any lock or to interface with any kind of technology from security panels to computers. The Key also operated as a skiller forger. He created documentation for Slade Wilson's Dane Lisslow cover. After that transaction, he broke into the Sirenox Software building and stole the company's encryption code, giving him the ability to open any computer on the planet. Batman and Katana followed him inside and gave chase. However, Harvey Dent and the Special Crimes Unit were waiting outside. The Key surrendered, confident of his ability to escape. The Key was taken to Blackgate Penitentiary and his hands were outfitted with Stagg Industries military grade prisoner-restraint shells. Killer Croc, the king of inmates, took the Key as his property. Batman had other plans and let himself be arrested. Once in Blackgate, he would extract the Key and have him taken to Federal Super Max Isolation, on account he was a global threat due to being in possession of the Sirenox encryption code. In order to prevent Batman from succeeding, Killer Croc instigated a prison takeover.

Killer Croc's men attempted to drill through the Key's restraints but Batman arrived. He was forced to participate in a winner takes all fight. After watching Batman defeat Matatoa and Croc, the Key was scared straight and quickly agreed to cooperate with him. While the Gotham City Police Department stormed Blackgate, Batman and Katana left with the Key. He was turned over to Commissioner Gordon, who decided to keep him at the precinct lockup. Soon after, the Key was back on the streets. While working on forging diplomatic credentials for his client, Mr. Payne, the Key was visited by Batman and Katana. They easily took out his thugs, much to his disgust. Batman then interrogated him about Dane Lisslow. With a little help, Key admitted he did generate some documentation for Lisslow and was paid by someone named Slade Wilson. Batman affixed shock cuffs on the Key and advised him not to try and pick the lock. Soon enough, he tried and was electrocuted.