Killer Croc

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Real Identity: Waylon Jones
Appearances: Animal, Doppelganger (dream), and Choices
Appearances (Comic): First-Person Shooter
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Wade Williams

Killer Croc is a Gotham-based criminal with a rare skin condition that gave him the features and abilities of a crocodile. He was arrested at some point and served time at Blackgate Penitentiary. Considered a small timer by others, Croc quickly proved to be the hardest case. He fought his way to the top of the pecking order and was declared the king. Some time later, Croc took the newly incarcerated Key has his property. Upon learning Batman was imprisoned in Blackgate, Croc deduced his plans and told his men to take over the prison. Batman was forced to confront Killer Croc for the Key. Croc subjected Batman to a winner takes all grudge match. Impressed with Batman's victory over Matatoa, Croc took on Batman next. At first, Batman was unable to penetrate Croc's leathery hide and took blow after blow. Eventually, he figured out to attack the areas not protected by his thick leather skin. After getting Croc on his back, Batman beat him into submission and almost killed him but Katana intervened. He was spared.

Gotham police stormed Blackgate and wielded tear gas. In the chaos, Killer Croc awoke and escaped. He took up residence in the Gotham City Sewers. Soon enough, Croc rounded up some men and stole six kilos of Gelignite and 10 kilos of liquid stone from a construction site in Midtown. They robbed a bank vault by tunneling from underneath, bypassing the Di Marco 6000 XL Cypto-Magnetic lock. He ordered the men to take only cash but Batman and Katana intervened. Katana placed a tracker on him and pursued but Croc crashed through a wall into the subway. The tracker was found among the debris. Batman called in Oracle to access all the Gotham City CCTV cameras in the subway tunnels and route the feeds to the Batcomputer. Croc avoided cameras and formulated a plan to draw the heroes into a death trap. Once it was set up, Croc attacked a subway train car at the Ninth Street terminal. Once Batman and Katana investigated the car, Croc attacked and led them down a tunnel. He detonated explosives under Batman and Katana then trapped them in liquid stone.

Killer Croc left them to die an eventual death when a subway train would come down the line into them. Croc came across Alfred Pennyworth and knocked him out. He overheard Oracle telling Batman she was headed to the transit authority's main hub to redirect the trains. Croc headed to the hub, knocked out Barbara Gordon's date Creed Courtman and chased her around. Pennyworth freed Batman and Katana who raced to Oracle and saved her. Croc managed to pin Batman to a track as a train approached but he used his grapnel to get away and knocked Croc aside. He was side swiped by the train and was thrown into a wall. Pennyworth led Detectives Samuels and Thomas to the scene to arrest the unconscious villain.

While Batman and Katana were surrounded by his lackeys on 523 Conway Avenue, Croc grabbed Batman and threw him into the next building through a window then through a door. Croc dragged Batman down an alley into an underground lair. At some point, Batman was able to call Alfred Pennyworth and instructed him to bring the new tranquilizer gun he built. Pennyworth found the lair but was attacked by Croc. Killer Croc punched him and dove after him in the water. After Pennyworth bashed his ears, he swam for the gun but Croc got to it. Musing it had enough to kill a normal man, Croc was about to shoot Pennyworth but Pennyworth tricked him into thinking the safety was still on. As Croc examined the gun more carefully, Batman threw a Batarang at it. The gun shot off a dart and hit Croc in the chest. He immediately lost consciousness and fell over.