Humpty Dumpty

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Real Identity: Humphrey Dumpler
Appearances: Broken and Games
Powers/Skills: Genius and Engineering
Voiced By: Matt Jones

Humphrey Dumpler was once a genius accountant for the mob. He enjoyed playing with his numbers and toys. He was about to testify against them but an attempt was made on his life by Ice Pick Joe, a hitman under the employ of Tobias Whale. Dumpler was taken into protective custody but he escaped and was never seen again. He went insane, planned revenge against those that wronged him, and took on the alias Humpty Dumpty. Dumpler's house at 49 East 107th Street was demolished, his mother missing in Star City and presumed dead, but his grandmother was still alive. After she died under suspicious circumstances, Dumpler occupied her house at 15 Hawthorne Avenue. As Humpty Dumpty, he is a criminal savant who believes he is on a mission to destroy anyone who has ever harmed the innocent. In reality, that is just an excuse for him to use his life-size toys and games to trap and terrorize citizens of Gotham City.

While not pure evil, Humpty Dumpty was still extremely dangerous in his quest for revenge. Humpty Dumpty targeted financial advisor Donovan Baker, District Attorney Marion Grange, Icepick Joe, Tobias Whale, and Lieutenant Gordon. He planted his targets in strange, life-size metal toy army men lined with an explosive shell and armed with real weapons. Ice Pick Joe was found by Officer O'Brien and his partner on a street corner. Baker and Grange were later planted on a street. Dumpty then set up his soldiers on a castle grounds with Whale in a horse and Gordon in a soldier. Batman arrived and saved both. Dumpty vowed to have justice served for being dragged into Gordon and Whale's war but admitted it was the best fun he had in years. Batman pursued Dumpty to the top of the castle and failed to stop him from jumping to his death. However, it was just another toy. The real Dumpty got away but deactivated all his toys. He accepted he lost the battle and walked away honorably according to Batman's assessement.

Humpty Dumpty wished to correct a past mistake. He kidnapped Batman, Katana, Commissioner Gordon, Mayor Grange, and Tobias Whale so that Ernie Croskey could get revenge on those who ruined his life. Humpty forced them to navigate a fortified building and match up helper cards to clues in certain rooms. Eventually, Batman concluded they were all villains. Humpty applauded Batman and woke up Croskey with smelling salts. He took Croskey to a cannon and gave him a lit match. Croskey refused to light the cannon. Humpty became further agitated when Batman noted how Humpty was just as responsible as everyone was. Humpty stood by and watched Croskey take the fall for Whale. Humpty refused to accept the truth and declared himself the winner. He lit the cannon and ran. Batman chased after him into a corridor. Batman tricked Humpty into running into the room with disappearing tiles. Humpty fell to his doom once the tiles he was lying on vanished. He was arrested and taken to Blackgate Penitentiary.