Dr. Mykros

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Real Identity: Dr. Anatol Mykros
Affiliations: The Council
Appearances: Unique
Powers/Skills: Leadership and Strategy
Voiced By: Bruce Thomas

Dr. Anatol Mykros is the leader of the criminal organization, the Council. After the Council kidnapped the wounded Manhunter, Dr. Mykros decided to exploit his natural skills as tracker and fighter and clone the Council an army. After 20 years, the cloning program was perfected but Manhunter was freed by a geneticist working for the Council, Dr. Spangle. Together, they sought to dismantle the Council before it went through with its plans for world domination. After the Council kidnapped Manhunter's daughter, Dr. Ava Kirk, Mykros used one of the clone's subdural transmitter to issue an ultimatum to Manhunter. Manhunter could have his freedom or he could have his daughter.

Dr. Mykros suspected Manhunter would try to alter the terms of the deal and prepared more cargo containers full of clones. At dawn, Mykros found Manhunter waiting for him on the Gotham Bridge. Once Batman, Katana and Alfred Pennyworth began attacking the clones, Mykros summoned his reinforcements. He also had explosives strapped to Dr. Kirk and would only deactivate them once he and Manhunter were a safe distance away. Manhunter complied. As Mykros mused on the preservation of the Council's clone program, Manhunter revealed a hacked clone under his control turned itself in. It crushed Mykros' kill switch and caused the truck to crash. Mykros was turned over to police custory.