The Council

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Unique
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Council is a secret society bent on world domination. After the government operative Manhunter was wounded behind enemy lines and left for the dead, the Council found him. The organization's leader, Dr. Anatol Mykros, decided to take Manhunter's natural skills as a tracker and fighter and exploit them. Manhunter was placed into suspended animation. Over the course of 20 years, the Council learned how to create mindless, inorganic soldiers from a modified version of Manhunter's DNA. The Council controlled the clones through a subdural transmitter. With an army of clones at their disposal, the Council plotted to overthrow the worlds' governments. At some point, a leading genetics expert named Dr. Horace Spangle was recruited to the Council. He discovered the Council's true plan and freed Manhunter.

Recently, the Council acquired a warehouse near the docks of Gotham City under the guise of Norack, a weather research company. A few weeks later, Manhunter clones were dispatched to retrieve Dr. Spangle, Manhunter, and Manhunter's daughter, Dr. Ava Kirk. Spangle tried to reach Bruce Wayne, a childhood friend of Dr. Kirk, and ask for his help but he was drugged by a clone before he could reach Wayne. Batman, Katana, and Alfred Pennyworth went through his belongings and found out his was working for Norack despite his differing skill set. Batman and Katana investigated the warehouse and found a truck's cargo container was full of inactive clones. Manhunter shot into the container and destroyed most of the clones. Dr. Mykros would hold her hostage and force Manhunter to surrender himself. With Spangle and Manhunter back in their custody, the Council would rebuild its clone program and return to its original plan. More clones were sent to Wayne Manor and they kidnapped Dr. Kirk. Dr. Mykros issued an ultimatum to Manhunter, choose between his freedom or his legacy.

Batman, Katana, Pennyworth and Manhunter armed themselves with more anti-clone toxin and went through scenarios for the obvious trap. Manhunter appeared at the designated time and place, dawn and at the Gotham Bridge. Dr. Mykros also anticipated a trap and dispatched more truckload's worth of clones. In the confusion, one of the clone's was hacked and switched places with Manhunter. When Myrkos strapped bombs to Dr. Kirk, the hacked clone surrendered and Mykros was none the wiser. The clone overturned the truck and Mykros was turned over to police custody. The remnants of the Council fled Gotham City and went on the run. Manhunter and Dr. Spangle also left the city to track down and destroy any remaining clones. As a precaution against further recrimination from the Council, Batman agreed to watch over Dr. Kirk.