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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: League of Assassins
Appearances: Control, Darkness, and Reckoning
Powers/Skills: Information Transferal and Wall Crawling
Voiced By:

Cypher is a specialized member of the League of Assassins, half man and half computer upgrade. Cypher can connect to a victim's mind by attaching a tendril to the base of the skull. He was dispatched to Gotham City to steal information about the Ion Cortex from Dr. Jason Burr. First, he infiltrated the architecture firm of William Benjamin and learned the layout of the Wayne Industries building. Next, Cypher went to Wayne Industries and grabbed Burr but was interrupted by Tatsu Yamashiro's arrival.

Cypher waited and grabbed Burr while he had dinner with Yamashiro then fled through the duct system. Cypher threatened to destroy Burr's mind if they tried to stop him. While Batman locked the building down, Yamashiro tracked Cypher but was taken control of, too. Cypher forced Batman to give him the key cards needed to unlock the building. Cypher then went underground and hijacked a subway train. Batman followed. He disengaged the other cars, full of civilians, then destroyed the guidance system. Cypher released Burr and Yamashiro then fled the car. After it crashed, Cypher took control of Batman but Yamashiro goaded him into fighting back. Batman was able to safely disconnect from Cypher. Cypher connected to Burr and threatened to take the secrets of the Ion Cortex one way or another. Yamashiro kissed Burr which somehow overloaded Cypher. Batman then jammed both of his tendrils into his own skull. Cypher was rendered unconscious from the surge.

Batman turned Cypher over to the police but somehow Dr. Burr still corrupted by their connection. Cypher was imprisoned at the Blackgate Penitentiary. Ra's Al Ghul freed him in exchange for dealing with Batman. Cypher took control of Magpie and Phosphorus Rex and battled Batman. Batman launched Cypher with a bola which also severed his control of the other two. When Batman surrended, Cypher fought the other villains over him.