Christine Banner

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Real Identity: Christine Banner
Appearances (Comic): Suitable for Framing
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Christine Banner is a favored and the most recent apprentice of Battleaxe and appears to use a nunchuk as her primary weapon. Banner executed Battleaxe's plan for revenge and disguised herself as Katana. She began to systematically murder Gotham City's mob bosses, starting with Whitey Blackmon. After midnight, Banner ambushed Katana and knocked her off a ledge into the harbor waters below. She proceeded to kill Tobias Whale next but Katana followed her. As they clashed on the roof, they fell through the skylight and were shot at by Whale's squad. Katana and Banner temporarily worked together but Banner ran off to take the Soul Taker. Batman took the sword instead. Unwilling to fight Batman, Banner tossed a smoke ball and fled the scene to her motel room. Batman deduced the imposter was Banner on account she also left handed, eliminating the other two suspects. Amid packing, Banner was surrounded by Batman and Katana. James Gordon arrested Banner and she became Battleaxe's new cellmate at Gotham Supermax Prison.