Ra's Al Ghul

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Sacrifice, Fall, Darkness, Reckoning, and Games
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical Attributes and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Lance Reddick

Ra's Al Ghul is the master of the League of Assassins. As an agent of MI:6, Alfred Pennyworth came the closest to finding the elusive Ra's Al Ghul. Ra's, however, had gotten to Pennyworth's partner Edogawa Yamashiro by threatening the lives of his family. Pennyworth was captured and brought to Ra's tent in a desert somewhere. As a test of loyalty, Ra's activated the Soul Taker and ordered Yamashiro to remove Pennyworth's soul. Yamashiro sacrificed his own life and his own soul was taken instead. Pennyworth got free and escaped certain death. Decades later, Tatsu Yamashiro infiltrated the League of Assassins in order to track down Ra's for the CIA. Some time later, while being shipped to Gotham City, Ra's' body was stolen by Anarky and used as a bargaining chip to manipulate Lady Shiva into stealing Calibosix for him. In Ra's, Anarky saw a common desire for power, upheaval and infamy. Despite Lady Shiva's failure to procure Calibosix, Anarky delivered Ra's to her.

Lady Shiva knelt before his body and proclaimed Gotham City would soon bow to a new ruler. Ra's Al Ghul was awakened and the League's plans for the Ion Cortex was brought to its conclusion. Ra's, Lady Shiva, and the League took control of the Fallpoint Underground Power Substation. Dr. Burr brought the Cortex to him and wanted an island as promised. Ra's waited until it was evident Burr fully activated the Cortex then had Lady Shiva remove his soul. Ninja restrained Katana and Batman. Ra's apologized for the theatrics and admitted he had looked forward to meeting Batman. The two fought. It soon became apparent Ra's was the superior fighter. Ra's was impressed and tossed the unconscious Batman aside. Lady Shiva moved to remove his soul but Ra's had other plans for him. Alfred Pennyworth intervened. Recognizing him, Ra's asked if he was going to rescue Katana or kill her like her father. Pennyworth advised Katana not to listen to his lies. They sealed off a tunnel and ran. Undaunted, Ra's returned to the central hub and used the Ion Cortex to engineer a city-wide black out.

Ra's Al Ghul declared the Gotham was held up as a symbol of hope to the world for too long and the League of Assassins would usher in its rebirth in darkness, cleansing it of excess and restoring the city to greatness. With the Ion Cortex and the Internet, Ra's terror extended beyond Gotham. Ra's offered Batman to join him, as he still saw a warrior of talent and skill he had never encountered in a millennium. Batman refused. Ra's then held an audience with Mayor Grange, the Governor, and Police Commissioner. He presented them with the ability to run Gotham as normal, but with the city under the protection of the League. The Commissioner refused and was executed. Ra's gave the Mayor and Governor until sunrise to make a choice. Katana and Pennyworth were captured and brought before him. Ra's revealed Pennyworth's involvement in Katana's father's death and watched as Katana became enraged. He stopped the quarrel and had them locked up in prison cells. Ra's discovered Katana's communicator and issued an ultimatum to Batman - surrender and he would release Katana. Batman refused.

Ra's went to Blackgate Penitentiary and released six inmates - Tobias Whale, Cypher, Magpie, Phosphorous Rex, Professor Pyg, and Mister Toad to deal with Batman. Whoever brought him Batman, Ra's would give them a piece of Gotham City to do with as they pleased. Ra's returned to Fallpoint and continued to manipulate Katana into agreeing to avenge her father. Ra's' reckoning never came to be. Katana believed Pennyworth's story and spared his life. Just as ninja surrounded them, Ra's had them stand down. Tobias Whale returned with Batman in his custody. Batman broke free as part of the ruse but Whale turned on him. Expecting the betrayal, Batman detonated the grapnel gun he tossed Whale. Batman then fought Ra's to buy time for Barbara Gordon. Ra's could only watch as the Ion Cortex overloaded and exploded. Batman admitted he couldn't defeat Ra's one on one but to his amusement learned his weakness was he didn't think he had one. Ra's was further amused when Batman took hold of the Soul Taker Sword.

Ra's reiterated putting his soul back in the sword was futile. The League was vast and they would soon enough get the sword back and revive him. Batman, however, chanted a reversal spell and released souls imprisoned in the Soul Taker. The souls smothered Ra's and took him deep into the substation.