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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Tests, Sacrifice, Nexus, Monsters, Hero, Twist, and Alone
Appearances (Comic): Rough Seas and Law & (Dis)Order
Powers/Skills: Strategy, Planning, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Wallace Langham

Anarky is an agent of chaos and destruction who fights against order for total unleashed freedom at any price but prides himself on his brilliance. He searched a long time for a worthy adversary and discovered Batman. Anarky decided to challenge him for control of Gotham City. Anarky arrived in the visage of a ghostly image of Batman. In order to confirm his belief, Anarky hired Tobias Whale to smuggle weapons to the Gotham Pier. Despite Batman preventing the operation from being completed, Anarky still paid Whale for providing him with an informative demonstration.

As part of a larger plan to blow up Gotham City's sky tram, Anarky recruited Daedalus Boch and Junkyard Dog. He freed them from Batman's handcuffs in Castle Hardware and equipped them with appropriate weapons. Anarky then dispatched them to the Queen Street Gallery. After observing their capture, Anarky freed them from prison and gifted them with suits. Batman deduced Anarky's true plan and confronted him at Gotham's wheelhouse. After some hand to hand combat, Anarky revealed a dead man's switch and Batman passed his test. Batman then surprised Anarky with a frequency jamming disk and knocked him aside. Anarky plummeted below. Despite the long fall, Anarky recovered and fled the scene.

Anarky sets his sights on the Calibosix, a mutative toxin capable of causing a city-wide epidemic. Instead of trying to directly steal some from the Contagion Research Center (CRC), Anarky intercepted a shipment at the Gotham Pier for the League of Assassins. It was the body of their master, Ra's al Ghul. Anarky found a League hideout and blackmailed Lady Shiva into getting him the Calibosix. Anarky then blew up parked vehicles in a Gotham Transit lot to get Batman's attention. Batman and Katana investigated the explosions immediately. Anarky then broadcast himself on a monitor and revealed the League would be at the CRC. Anarky believed Batman's code of honor would lead to Gotham's doom. From his base of operations, Anarky accessed the center's security feed and watched his pawns in play. Batman managed to prevent a breach of the Calibosix. Despite Shiva's failure, Anarky still returned Ra's al Ghul to the League.

Six months after the League of Assassins' black out, Anarky made his next move. He tampered with District Attorney Harvey Dent's funding request for a special crime unit to deal with Gotham's 'mask and cape crisis' and it blew up Mayor Grange's office. Anarky used one of Batman's batarangs for the explosion, leading him to be implicated instead. Batman took drastic measures and kidnapped Dent to lure out Anarky. Annoyed Batman went off script, Anarky improvised and placed proximity charge bands on himself, Batman, Katana and Dent. One pair linked Batman and Dent. The other linked Anarky and Katana. If the bands were separated by too great a distance, they would explode. Anarky then advised Batman to escort Dent to Symbion Business Park and surrender or he would detonate a larger bomb, that he had hid in the park. It was merely a trap and he planned to kill both Batman and Dent. Anarky also messed with Katana and observed she had untapped potential but Batman stifled her growth. Katana took off for Symbion Park.

Anarky followed in hot pursuit and battled Batman once more. Batman figured out the password to the bands was "nectar" based on Anarky's "flower and bees" clue. He added the three bands to Anarky's. Anarky applauded Batman then set off the bands and his bomb. In the explosion, Anarky disappeared down a man hole into the sewers. A few weeks later, Anarky entered Dent's office at City Hall and made him an offer. Anarky proposed they work together. He would be the only one to get his hands dirty and kill Batman. He spun Dent in his seat and exited out the window.

Anarky plotted to set off a war between haves and have-nots on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day, by assassinating Simon Stagg in the middle of the Fightback Movement in Gotham City. Based on Fawke's friend, Anarky devised a disguise and took the name Robert Catesby. As Catesby, he visited Fightback camps across the nation for months and rallied them to Gotham with a promise they would earn their name. He then used his disguise to infiltrate Stagg Industries and became Stagg's new executive of the Home Security Products division. With his connections, Anarky modified the Stagg Locks and set them all to play a recording spurring on looting and unlock at midnight on November 5. Knowing demand for the locks would skyrocket with the presence of the Fightback, Catesby secretly sped up production in October and manipulated Stagg into approving promotional gimmicks such as giving locks away for free in the first month then promising a price break.

Three weeks later, on November 3, at a party put on by Stagg, Catesby was introduced to Bruce Wayne and the Mayor. In under two minutes, Catesby used four different accents, among them upper-crust Long Island and Blue-Collar Keystone City. Wayne also observed the heel on his left shoe was a full centimeter higher than the right to give Catesby an artifical limp. The false face he wore gave off a trace of latex and spirit gum adhesive. Wayne managed to place a tracer on him but it was discovered some time after. In preparation for a larger explosive detonation atop Stagg Center, Anarky used the tracer to set a trap for Batman and rigged a door with an explosive composed of gunpowder and a fuse. 20 hours later, on November 4, 11:15 pm, he kidnapped Stagg from his office and took him to the roof. Katana intervened and saved Stagg while Batman neutralized Anarky. In place of Anarky's recording, Batman had his broadcast that warned all of Gotham to stay indoors until the crisis passed. However, Anarky escaped again.

Anarky began luring Batman and Katana into traps set up by the Special Crimes Unit. After a false theft of Van Gogh sketches, Anarky once again led the duo straight to the Special Crimes Unit. They failed once more to capture Batman and Katana. Anarky appeared in Dent's office and mused it was time for a game changer. Anarky hired the elite mercenary Deathstroke to neutralize Batman and Dent would prop him up as the city's true champion. Deathstroke had other plans. He betrayed Anarky and kidnapped Dent to lure Batman into a confrontation. Anarky was amused when Batman chose to go rescue Dent instead of fighting him. After Batman took Dent to safety and lectured him about upholding the law, Anarky called Dent's phone. After Dent was taken to the Gotham Hospital, Anarky paid him a visit. Anarky was enchanted with Dent's new persona. Together, they broke into Jocelyn Kilroy's apartment and drafted an email detailing her leaving the special mayoral election race. He saw through Batman's interview with Madison Randall and tried in vain to warn Dent it was a trap.

Anarky found Dent on the roof and woke him up. He pointed Dent to the helicopter crash. Believing Batman to be dead, Dent turned his attention to killing Anarky. Expressing disappointment at the untimely end to their partnership, Anarky quickly gained the upper hand and pulled a knife. Musing he could easily kill Dent as he created him, Anarky was further disappointed when James Gordon intervened and shot the knife out of his hand. Anarky jumped out the Watson Building. Returning to his hideout, Anarky admitted Batman had won this round of chess. He asked aloud if they shall play again and began to reset his chess board.