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Release Date: October 18, 2011



October 18, 2011
Batman: Year One releases

October 14, 2011
New York
Comic Con
3-4 pm

July 22, 2011
Screening and Panel
San Diego
Comic Con
8-10 pm

August 16, 2020
Year One
Airs CN
12 am


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Batman: Year One

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Movie (2011)

Movie: Batman: Year One
When Gotham City is in desperate need of heroes, two men take a stand for justice...but on opposite sides. Bruce Wayne returns home after years abroad to become a crimefighter, just as honest cop Lt. James Gordon moves to Gotham and finds corruption at every level. When Bruce becomes the masked vigilante Batman, the city explodes as his new nemesis Catwoman, the mob and Gordon all close in!