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James Gordon

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Real Identity: James Worthington "Jim" Gordon
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement, Criminology, Unarmed Combat, and Marksmanship
Voiced By: Chris Cox

James Gordon is a veteran police officer dedicated to cleaning up corruption and crime in Gotham City. After Commissioner Loeb was murdered by Black Mask, Captain Gordon led the Gotham City Police Department temporarily. Not initially convinced Batman was on his side, Gordon agreed to an alliance after Batman helped recapture escaped Blackgate Prison inmates. Eventually, Gordon was promoted to Police Commissioner. During a botched Task Force X mission, Gordon led police to contain an incident at Arkham Asylum. Pushed back to the bridge, Gordon frantically called for updates on back up and narrowly dodged Bane. After Batman dealt with Gordon, the police released tear gas on Poison Ivy and her army. Gordon believed the police had the riot under the control and realized he was talking to himself again. Batman was long gone.