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Gotham City

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Gotham City is an American city infamous for crime and corruption. The city is organized into two major sections, Old Gotham and New Gotham, connected by Gotham Pioneer's Bridge. Old Gotham, or Gotham North, contains stately Wayne Manor and Park Row in the northwest, the Bowery in the southwest, and Arkham Island in Gotham Bay off the coast. New Gotham, or Gotham South, is home to Wayne Enterprises and Trident in Coventry, Gothcorp in the Diamond District and a GCPD headquarters in Bushley. South of New Gotham lies the Blackgate Prison. The city is home to the vigilante Batman and his ever growing rogue's gallery of supervillains.

For a mission, Task Force X was dropped into the city. To avoid detection by Batman, the team walked several miles through the sewers until they reached the Iceberg Lounge. The next night, a break in at a doll store was staged so Harley Quinn would be arrested and taken to Arkham Asylum. The mission, as predicted by Amanda Waller, went off script and Batman investigated Arkham amid his frantic search for the Joker's dirty bomb. To complicate matters further, the Joker escaped from his prison cell and released all prisoners. The Gotham City Police Department responded and contained the riot to Arkham Island. Batman pursued a stolen police helicopter into the city. He boarded the helicopter and found the Joker battling Deadshot while Harley Quinn tried in vain to pilot it. It soon crashed into the side of building. Batman neutralized Harley and disarmed the bomb just in time. Deadshot defeated the Joker and knocked him into the helicopter as it fell several stories. The Joker's body was not recovered and Deadshot avoided capture.