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Arkham Asylum

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The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane was founded by Amadeus Arkham in memory of his mother, whom he euthanized to treat her dementia. The asylum is located on the grounds of the family mansion on an island on Gotham Bay. As time went on, Amadeus' nephew Jeremiah took over and destroyed the old asylum. The number of facilities grew to the point, the entire island's area was used. Arkham East is the original site of the asylum and family mansion. Arkham North is the main entrance and location of the Intensive Treatment Center. Near it is the Botanical Gardens, built for recreational use, inmate therapy and herbal research. Arkham West houses the main penitentiary and visitor's center.

Amanda Waller formed a Task Force X team to infiltrate Arkham Asylum, under false pretenses, to retrieve the Riddler's jump drive, containing stolen roster files, in his cane which was locked away in the property room in the Intensive Treatment building right under the solitary confinement cells. Harley Quinn got herself arrested and Deadshot stood in as the arresting officer. They would afix a device on a junction box designed to legitimize the their team mate's credentials. Captain Boomerang would enter the Gotham Morgue building to deliver a dead body, which was actually Killer Frost - whose body temperature matched that of a corpse. Black Spider would enter as an orderly. King Shark would enter the asylum through the old sewers, running underneath the island, and meet up with the rest of the team to suit them up. The Joker sighted Harley and taunted her. In return, Harley took Deadshot's handgun and fired into his cell. Black Spider instigated a kitchen explosion that knocked out power in several buildings but caused a yellow alert to be issued.

Task Force X went off script and took the main security hub. In order to keep Batman and Waller's eyes off them, they replayed Thursday's security footage. While moving across the yard, they made themselves and killed several guards. Harley recalled Warden Sharp's password, his birthday backwards, and gained entrance to the property room. The team split up to search the vast collection of confiscated property from Scarface to, Joker's, Killer Moth's, Firefly's, Maxie Zeus', and Mr. Freeze. Harley found her trusty mallet in the Joker's crate and Killer Frost took Mr. Freeze's gun. Deadshot located Riddler's cane and completed the mission but Batman entered from the ceiling, tipped off by the false footage. A battle ensued, followed by a partial cave-in. Batman emerged, disguised in Black Spider's armor, and rejoined the team. Waller's subterfuge was revealed when Deadshot discovered there was no jump drive. Killer Frost split off in the chaos and proceeded to fulfill the true mission, assassinate the Riddler.

The Riddler revealed Waller's reasons and Frost took him to the medical center but was cut off by the Special Crimes Unit. The team reunited and proceeded to the center to disable their nano bomb implants. The Joker discovered Harley's gunshots revealed a panel. He crossed two wires and opened his cell. Now free, the Joker came upon Black Spider, in a Batman costime, and watched as his head was blown off. Joker heard his comm and trailed the rest of Task Force X to the medical center. King Shark's skin was too thick and the bomb was not defused. The rest of the team barely escaped once the Joker arrived. After a standoff, Joker took Harley down a laundry chute then activated his dirty bomb, hidden in the mallet. He then released all prisoners. The Gotham City Police Department arrived and opposed the riot. Killer Frost, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang went their separate ways and fought over the police helicopter. Deadshot emerged the victor and took off, with Joker and Harley stowing aboard. After Bane fell over into the bay, the police held their ground at the bridge and forced their way back to the asylum grounds with tear gas.