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Real Identity: Bruce Wayne
Affiliations: Wayne Enterprises
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Sciences and Technologies, Martial Arts, Above Average Physical Attributes, and Infiltration
Voiced By: Kevin Conroy

Bruce Wayne watched helplessly as his parents were gunned down in front of him. He stood resolved to rid Gotham City of its criminal element. For the next several years, Wayne trained extensively to the height of mental and physical perfection. He mastered styles of martial arts, detective techniques, criminal psychology, invention, stealth, computers, disguise, escape arts, tracking, acrobatics, weapons, and marksmanship to name a few. Eventually, Wayne dressed as a bat to prey on criminal's fears. He became Batman.

The Joker stole a dirty bomb and hid it somewhere in Gotham City. It had a large enough payload that the radiation would kill half the population. Batman tirelessly tore the city apart in search of the bomb and anyone who would know about it. Batman tracked down the Riddler at a dock-side warehouse and interrupted a government black ops team from executing him. Batman interrogated Riddler for knowledge of the dirty bomb. When Riddler presented none, he was sent off to Arkham Asylum. A day or so later, Batman responded to a break-in at a doll store involving Harley Quinn. He defeated and demanded to know where the bomb was. Harley denied knowing where Joker kept half his stuff much less a dirty bomb and insisted she broke in to steal a Chatty Boo-Boo doll before it went on sale in the morning. Batman ran a cowl scan of Harley's pupils and heart rate. The scan concluded she was telling the truth. Batman handed her off to the police and continued with his search. After saving a woman from Victor Zsasz by pulling a brick loose from behind, Batman returned to the Batmobile.

Batman was concerned with Harley Quinn and her "happiness" at being caught. Alfred Pennyworth speculated she missed her "pudding," the Joker, but Batman still suspected she was linked to the dirty bomb. He checked feeds and noticed Arkham Asylum was on yellow alert. Upon inspecting security footage, he noticed the Thursday crew was working on a Friday night. Batman realized old footage was being broadcasted and took off for Arkham Island. He entered the property room and was encountered a Task Force X team. The resulting battle caused the room to cave in. During the scuffle, Batman switched places with Black Spider and joined the team outside. The ruse was revealed after the team entered the medical center with the Riddler and defused their bombs. Black Spider opted to stay on look out. After Waller detonated the bombs, Black Spider was still standing. Riddler was amused he was Batman all along. Batman tried to interrogate why the team was at Arkham but the Joker arrived and unleashed exploding marbles.

Batman attempted to swing out of the room with a grapnel but Joker fired at him. Luckily, Black Spider's armor took most of the impact. Batman recovered and confronted Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and Killer Frost demanding to know where the Joker went. Boomerang refused to say a thing and was knocked over with a Batarang. Deadshot put their history aside and told Batman Joker and Harley took their mallet and disappeared. Batman realized the dirty bomb was inside the mallet all along. The Joker suddenly appeared on monitors around Arkham and announced his plans to bomb the city. To add to the emergency, Joker released all inmates of Arkham. Batman left to find the Joker but provided back up for the Gotham City Police Department. He applied explosive gel to Bane's face and stunned him, narrowly saving James Gordon. Batman then yanked the cords supplying Bane with Venom and forced him over into the Gotham Bay. Batman helped Gordon up then quickly took off in the Batplane after scanning a police helicopter headed to the city.

Batman caught up and boarded the helicopter, intervening in the fight between Joker and Deadshot. With a crash imminent, Batman jumped out with Harley and the mallet. Harley attacked him but Batman knocked her out and checked the bomb. He discovered a glued together note instructing him to cut the red wire. Batman disarmed the bomb just in time and watched as the helicopter plummeted several stories with the Joker pinned inside. Batman pieced together Task Force X's mission and confronted Amanda Waller at her office. Batman threatened Waller but she reminded him she was part of the U.S. government. While Waller turned her back on him and mused on the Joker's body not being recovered, Batman left the office to which she remarked "Punk."