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Amanda Waller

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Real Identity: Amanda "The Wall" Waller
Affiliations: Department of Justice and Task Force X
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence, Strategy, and Manipulation
Voiced By: CCH Pounder

Amanda Waller is an active force in Washington D.C. working in the Department of Justice. A sharp mind and a steel will, Waller has a vast network of secret information at her disposal. She oversees Task Force X, an off-the-books government strike team made up convicts with no hope of release. Where others see degenerate scum, she sees expendable agents for impossible missions. In exchange for commuted prison sentences and the threat of nanotech explosives implanted at the base of the neck, Waller meets little resistance. Having recruited supercriminals like Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Deathstroke, Captain Boomerang and Harley Quinn, Waller encountered a problem from the Riddler. He discovered a 1000 volt shock could defuse the implant and fled from Waller. A week later, she sent in a team to kill him but was delayed by Batman's intervention.

Waller invoked priority level ultraviolet and had a Task Force X team formed of Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, King Shark, Black Spider, and KGBeast. After KGBeast made an example of himself, Waller provided a fake story about the Riddler stealing files containing the identities and histories of every current, past, and future member of Task Force X and threatened to release them online. Their mission was to recover the file, hidden in Riddler's cane at the property room of Arkham Asylum. Waller hired the Penguin to provide them with a way to infiltrate the asylum. She secretly tasked Killer Frost with the true agenda, kill the Riddler. Waller had no concern with the Batman's search of the Joker's dirty bomb and believed they might be able to take advantage of him even. Waller suspected the team would go off script and the asylum's special crime unit would cross them off.

After the team played a false security feed, not checking in, lying about being together and causing a red alert, Waller deduced Riddler was helping defuse their implants and triggered them. Only King Shark and Black Spider were killed. After Batman dealt with the Joker, he confronted Waller in her office. While admitting to her carelessness, Waller was adament her men would get Riddler eventually and was undaunted by Batman's threats. As far as she was concerned, she was protected by the shield of the U.S. government. Annoyed with Batman's disappearing act, Waller proceeded to drink but noticed Deadshot's rifle laser sight on her chest.