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Real Identity: Eddie Nashton
Powers/Skills: Genius Intelligence and Computer Hacking
Voiced By: Matthew Gray Gubler

Eddie Nashton, alias Edward Nigma, worked in the Gotham City Police Department's Cyber Crimes Unit. During his tenure, Nashton gathered extortion data files to uncover corrupt political officials and attempted to discover Batman's secret identity - concluding it was either Harvey Dent or Bruce Wayne. Due to his obsessive-compulsive need for attention, Nashton became determined to be the most outlandish of Gotham's criminals. As the Riddler, he concocts an elaborate series of clues and riddles around his crimes then tests the wit of law enforcement. Batman proved to be a worthy opponent and deduced his plans. Soon, Riddler was dedicated to creating a mystery Batman couldn't solve in time.

The Riddler fell into the employ of Amanda Waller and soon discovered a nano bomb was implanted in the base of his neck. Riddler, however, discovered a way to deactivate the bomb by subjecting himself to 1000 volts of electricity. A week later, Waller traced Riddler to a dock-side warehouse and greenlit a black ops team to take him out before he could share his discovery. Batman intervened, thinking the Riddler knew about Joker's dirty bomb scheme, and took down the team. He pulled Riddler from a duct before he could escape and interrogated him. With no intelligence, Riddler was sent to Arkham Asylum. Waller invoked a priority level ultraviolet alert and assembled Task Force X. She fed them a false story about the Riddler gaining access to her computer system, downloading a file containing the identities and histories of every past, current, and potential member of Task Force X, and threatening to release them on the Internet. She assigned the team to get the file back. The copy was on a thumb drive in his cane, which was locked up in Arkham's property room.

Killer Frost was secretly tasked with the true mission - assassinate the Riddler. After a battle with Batman in the property room, Frost left the team and confronted Riddler in his cell. Riddler expected this and inquired if her curiosity was satiated. He revealed he knew how to defuse the nano bomb to her. Frost agreed to take him to the medical center to do the same with her but they were stopped short by the special crimes unit. The rest of Task Force X found them and learned of the Riddler's prior involvement with Waller. Riddler subjected all but Black Spider to electroshock. All except King Shark's bomb was successfully defused. Citing Shark's thick skin as a deterrent, Riddler and the others watched as his head was blown off by Waller. When Black Spider's wasn't, Riddler gleefully realized he was actually Batman but was knocked out when the Joker arrived and unleashed his chaos. In the confusion, Riddler managed to escape from Arkham Island.