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King Shark

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Real Identity: Nanaue
Affiliations: Task Force X
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Nigh Invulnerable Skin
Voiced By: John DiMaggio

Nanaue is believed to be the son of the Shark God. He first appeared off the coast of Hawaii as King Shark and was suspected of kidnappings. Shark's mutated flesh makes him bulletproof and resistant to extreme temperatures. He modified his body mutation further by attaching a sharp metal mask to his face to increasing his chomping power. King Shark was found by law enforcement officers in a room at the Palms Motel. He had strung up several victims and bathed in their blood. Shark rose from his bathtub and attacked the officers.

King Shark awakened in a room with other criminals and proceeded to eat Killer Frost. Frost kicked him in the groin then bashed his face with her restraints. Shark respected her for attacking him. Uninterested in working for Amanda Waller, Shark fell in line after KGBeast demonstrated the nano bomb and had his head blown off. Due to his fear of heights, Shark was not pleased with the Task Force X team being dropped into Gotham City. When Frost's parachute failed, she crashed into Shark and he used his body to protect her from harm when they landed. While the others entered Arkham by land, Shark utilized the old sewers underneath Arkham Island to gain entrance to the asylum. The team removed the grate barring him just as a guard checked on the noise. Shark arose and dragged the man underwater, killing him. Shark then tossed them a bag containing the team's armaments. After they took the main security hub, Shark suggested they play yesterday's footage to prevent Batman from noticing their presence.

As the team crossed the yard to the intensive treatment building, Shark disregarded mission parameters and charged several Arkham guards. Deadshot tripped up Shark and admonished him. Shark stood down after Deadshot reminded everyone he was the only one who could get them out alive. During a search of the property room, Shark fought Batman one-on-one but lost when the latter used electric paddles. The team was later subjected to electroshock therapy by the Riddler in order to defuse their nano bomb implants before Waller suspected betrayal. Shark's mutated flesh proved too thick and resistant to the 1000 volts of electricity. The team watched as Shark's head imploded.