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Killer Frost

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Real Identity: Louise Lincoln
Affiliations: Task Force X
Powers/Skills: Cryokinesis
Voiced By: Jennifer Hale

Louise Lincoln is the second woman to hold the name of Killer Frost. She is believed to be a close acquaintance of Crystal Frost, the first. Frost has teamed up with other cold themed supervillains, Captain Cold, Icicle and Mr. Freeze. Frost has low level cryokinetic abilities and are only tactile in nature.

Killer Frost robbed a Gotham Bank branch but was abandoned by her getaway driver when the police arrived. After the standoff, Frost awakened in a white room with other super criminals. She didn't take too kindly to being mistaken as "meat" by King Shark and bashed his groin and face. Frost immediately passed on Amanda Waller's Task Force X but changed her mind after KGBeast's head blew up. As predicted, she wasn't too thrilled to breaking into Arkham Asylum either. During the drop into Gotham, Frost's chute failed and luckily she fell right into King Shark. Shark shielded her with his body and took the impact of the landing. Frost and Shark soon formed a mutual friendship, like brother and sister. While staying the night at the Iceberg Lounge, Frost was contacted by Waller in secret and tasked with the true mission: assassinate the Riddler.

For the "heist," Frost posed as a corpse to be delivered to the Gotham Morgue, located on Arkham Island, by Captain Boomerang. Due to her body temperature, Frost easily passed scans but was nearly found out due to the fake credentials not kicking in until later. Frost kissed a coroner on watch, freezing his head, then let him drop to his death. While the team searched the property room, Frost found Mr. Freeze's gun and took it for herself with a lift from King Shark. Once Batman arrived, Frost activated the gun with her powers and opened fire. In the chaos, she slipped away from the team and proceeded to kill Riddler. Riddler, however, revealed he knew how to defuse the nano bomb. Frost took him to the medical center to defuse hers but they were pinned down by the special crimes unit. The rest of Task Force X came to their aid. Unable to get over his fear of heights, Shark was blindfolded. Frost hung on his back and guided him. Once Shark broke open a water pipe, Frost froze the unit and Shark barreled through them.

After getting her bomb defused and watching King Shark meet his demise, Frost abandoned the team and raced Deadshot and Captain Boomerang to the police helicopter as an escape. Frost partially froze Two-Face and boarded the police car he intended to take. The car was then tossed by Bane and exploded, seemingly killing Frost.