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Harley Quinn

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Real Identity: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel
Affiliations: Task Force X
Powers/Skills: Above Average Acrobatics and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Hynden Walch

Dr. Harleen Quinzel earned her doctorate in Psychology from Gotham University. She interned at Blackgate Prison under Dr. Hugo Strange. Quinzel's first assignment at Arkham Asylum was to treat the Joker. Quinzel soon became obsessively fixated on him and believed herself in love. She helped the Joker escape and became Harley Quinn. Harley proved to be just as violent and unpredicatable. However, she was handicapped by her need for approval from the Joker. Eventually, after taking abuse after abuse, Harley parted ways from the Joker.

While living at the Roosevelt Support Center, Harley assaulted at least one counselor - biting her ear off after she took away her cell phone. Harley Quinn was also recruited to join Task Force X. Her wild card status made her an asset in Amanda Waller's eyes. Harley soon found herself part of another mission and took an interest in Deadshot. Harley's encyclopedic knowledge of Arkham Asylum's layout and its logistics would be crucial. After being nearly shot at by Penguin for destroying one of his delivery trucks for no reason and having a one night stand with Deadshot, Harley broke into a doll shop so she could be arrested and sent to Arkham. Harley appeared to have her own agenda and shot up the Joker's cell by stealing her arresting officer's handgun. Recalling the warden's password, Harley gained the team entry into the property room so they could find Riddler's thumb drive and complete the mission. They were interrupted by Batman's arrival. Reunited with her mallet, Harley was still easily defeated.

After the Riddler helped defuse the team's nanotech explosive implants, Harley reunited with the Joker and reassured him she was planning to use the mission to free him all along. Joker, however, was not content with simply restoring things the way they were and confronted Deadshot. When Deadshot bluffed the Joker, he disappeared down a laundry chute with Harley. He demanded the mallet and activated the dirty bomb hidden inside it. Joker and Harley then stowed away on a police helicopter which was stolen by Deadshot during a riot. Harley was unable to shoot any and attempted in vain to keep the helicopter from crashing. Batman grabbed Harley and the mallet and jumped into the lower floor of a building before the vehicle crashed. Once again, Harley was knocked out by Batman, who was more concerned with disarming the dirty bomb before it took out the city.