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Black Spider

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Real Identity: Eric Needham
Affiliations: Injustice League and Task Force X
Powers/Skills: Infiltration, Above Average Physical Attributes, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Giancarlo Esposito

Eric Needham was first seen in battle with Batman on rooftops. He later became a masked vigilante named Black Spider. He does not claim to be a supervillain but is known to work together with other dangerous criminals. Black Spider often targets mob leaders for death. At one point, the Joker considered hiring the Black Spider to assassinate Batman but passed on the notion. After murdering a confessed mob boss under police protection, Spider was arrested by police. He soon found himself surrounded by supervillains in a white room. After Amanda Waller explained Task Force X, Spider reiterated he killed to keep degenerates off the streets, not to work alongside them. He went along with the mission after observing KGBeast's nanotech explosive detonate. While the team was being flown to Gotham, Spider managed to escape his restraints and held Captain Boomerang at knife point. He stated he didn't trust vermin on account of them being honorless, rudderless and undisciplined. They'd never find his body. Spider then slipped back into his chair. In order to elude Batman's detection, the team descended to the sewers. Spider led them several miles to their rendezous point, the Iceberg Lounge.

Black Spider infiltrated Arkham Island and switched places with an orderly he killed in a courtyard. After his passcard finally kicked in, Spider entered the kitchen and placed several utensils into a microwave. He then climbed down a shaft, ruptured a gas pipe and proceeded to meet up with the team. The resulting explosion caused a partial power outage and a yellow alert to be issued. In the property room, Black Spider fought Batman one-on-one but was knocked out with one of Captain Boomerang's weapons. He recovered and wrestled Batman as the room began to collapse. Batman switched places and joined the team. Black Spider staggered the asylum in a Batman costume. The Joker happened to sight "Batman" and planned to shoot him point blank. At the same time, Waller realized the team betrayed her and she set off the nanotech explosive implants. Black Spider's head was blown off. The Joker listened on his comm link and hurried to the medical center to unleash more chaos.