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2013 Schedule

March 2
Level 6
The Last Boss
Post-10:30 AM

March 9
Level 7
Welcome Home
Post-10:30 AM

Village of the Frogs | Level 2

Air Date: January 12, 2013
Storyboarded By: Chrissy Delk
Background Layout By: Valerie Kung
Background Color By: Mari Hosaka
Props By: Mary Hoffman
Character Color By: Claire Lenth
Character Designs By: Brianne Drouhard and Claire Lenth
Animated By: David Production
Written By: Amy Wolfram
Directed By: Brianne Drouhard
Heroes: Princess Amethyst
Villains: Dark Opal
Supporting: Citrina, Frog Villagers, and Frog Mayor
Beasts: Pegacorn and Spider
Places: Gemworld and Frog Village