Jeanne-Mari Jiwe

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Real Identity: Jeanne-Mari Jiwe
Appearances: Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 9, and Episode 12
Powers/Skills: Wielded the Spirit Totem
Voiced By: Toks Olagundoye

Jeanne-Mari Jiwe is the mother of Kuasa and Mari and a resident of Zambesi. When Kuasa was four, she was selected to inherit the Spirit Totem. A local warlord sent his men to raid the village. She watched as her husband tried to protect Zambesi but one of the warlord's men shot him dead. Jeanne frantically called out for Kuasa but she never answered back. She ran into General Eshu, leader of the raid, and he demanded the totem. Jeanne refused and fought Eshu. Using the totem, she utilized the elephant to do battle, but was stabbed by his machete. Jeanne nearly lost her life but chose to save her second daughter than to die fighting Eshu and his men. She fled the village. Zambesi was burned to the ground soon after. She knew she had to put as much distance between Kuasa, the Totem, and her second daughter. She fled Zambesi with them both.

Somehow, the daughter and totem ended up in Detroit and was placed in the foster care system. It is unknown what happened to Jeanne-Mari. Kuasa grew up believing her mother only cared about her sister. After Mari McCabe was left for dead in plains in M'Changa Province, she was approached by Animal Spirits who wanted Kuasa dealt with. One of the forms the Animal Spirits took was of Jeanne-Mari. Around six months later, Vixen encountered Eshu in Detroit. He remarked she looked just like her mother then attacked with the Fire Totem.