Santa's Village

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The True Meaning of Christmas, The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic, Halloween v Christmas, and Easter Creeps
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Santa Claus' Village is located in the North Pole. It is populated with his home, a giant toy factory, reindeer stables, and gingerbread houses. The Teen Titans infiltrated the village disguised as elves in an effort to find the Naughty List and erase their names after three years of no presents. Cyborg went to the toy factory but was so loud he stopped the converyor belts and the Elf Boss stepped out. Cyborg pinned the noise on a fellow elf and got him fired. Beast Boy went to the stables and ended up insulting Rudolph. Raven and Starfire met the Gingerbread Man and ended up eating him, his pet cat Gumdrop, belongings, and house. Robin entered Santa's home and found the Naughty List but couldn't erase the Titans from it. The Titans voiced their beef with Santa but were lectured about the true meaning of Christmas. Robin opted to blow up the toy factory. Santa did not relent and tried to prove his point of the importance of spending time with family and friends. He cracked under the pressure of the awkward silence and realized he was wrong. Presents mattered the most. Raven used her magic to return the factory to normal. Santa and the Titans departed the village and delivered presents.

In search of any information regarding the Easter Bunny, who went missing, the Titans paid a visit to Santa. He shared a rumor he heard the Easter Bunny went crazy. Santa decided to help and deliver eggs in his place. Robin later suspected Santa was the culprit and flew the Titans back to the North Pole. They sneaked into his factory and discovered various representatives of holidays locked up. Santa revealed his plan to take over the entire holiday calendar and put on a super suit. Raven released George Washington, Turkey, Cupid Baby, and a Leprechaun. The Leprechaun and Washington defeated Santa. Robin tied him up with a grapnel line and vowed he would pay for his crimes. After the Titans and Creatures of the Night tricked Santa on Halloween with a bag of dynamite, he was blown all the way back to the North Pole just outside his village. After another failed attempt to steal Easter, Santa was punched by Raven through a portal back to the outskirts of his village.