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Real Identity: Baran Flinders
Affiliations: H.I.V.E.
Appearances: Gorilla, Super Robin, Artful Dodgers, Books, Power Moves, No Power, Sidekick, Legs, Breakfast Cheese, Opposites, In and Out, Money Grandma, Road Trip, Mouth Hole, Real Boy Adventures, Let's Get Serious, Multiple Trick Pony, Yearbook Madness, Operation Tin Man, The H.I.V.E. Five, Some of Their Parts, I'm The Sauce, Scary Figure Dance, Animals: It's Just a Word!, Black Friday, The True Meaning of Christmas, Garage Sale (memory), The Titans Show, and Snuggle Time
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Baran Flinders and his sister, Selinda, grew up in Australia. After manifesting powers, they were taken in by Dr. Helga Jace and genetically modified. Baran Flinders took the code name Mammoth and settled into a life of crime. He is 6'8'' and 2800 pounds. Mammoth became a constant foe of the Teen Titans in Jump City. While Beast Boy refused to change from a gorilla form, the Teen Titans fought Mammoth near Justice Java. Beast Boy ignored orders and refused to help Robin. Mammoth took advantage of the situation and smashed Robin with a body slam. Robin later defeated Mammoth during the attempted robbery of Jump City Bank after a prolonged one-on-one battle. Mammoth later tried to ambush Starfire while she walked through the city reading "A Birdwatcher's Guide to Pelicans" but she fried him without much effort.