The Brain

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Brian, Campfire Stories, I'm The Sauce, 40%, 40%, 20%, A Farce, Black Friday, Operation Dude Rescue: Part One, Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two, The Titans Show, Shrimps and Prime Rib, The Streak: Pt 1, and Costume Contest
Powers/Skills: Genius
Voiced By: Scott Menville

The Brain is an evil genius bent on taking over the world. From a high rise in Jump City, the Brain formulated a plan to steal the Teen Titans' superpowers and use it to fuel his Project B.R.I.A.N. suit, Brain's Robotic Indestructible Armor Nexus. The Brain set a trap and the Titans were captured. Eight months later, B.R.I.A.N. was completed and the Titans, except Robin, had given up on escape or rescue. Much to Brain's annoyance, Beast Boy insisted his name was "Brian" and not "Brain." The Titans' pets defeated Brain's ally Monsieur Mallah and found the Titans. The Brain inserted himself into B.R.I.A.N. and battled them. Beatbox's death gave Birdarang the resolve to depower B.R.I.A.N. and defeat the Brain. He appeared in a police line up in Cyborg's scary story during a camping trip. Brain later helped the Titans cheer up the sad cloud raining on Jump City with a game of Head's Up Seven Up for chocolate milk. He later attacked the city again. The Titans, except Cyborg went after him.

Days later, Cyborg got an alert he captured them. After observing a bird and realizing music was meant to be a crutch, Cyborg played his favorite song "Night Begins to Shine" and opened the pickle jar which absolved himself of Robin's suspension. Cyborg set out for Brain's hideout and stormed inside. He was hit from behind by Mallah and his copy of the song was destroyed. Brain, in a spider-like robot suit, gloated Cyborg was nothing without the music. The other Titans vocalized the song and gave Cyborg the strength to fight back. He changed into Cyborgamus Prime and ran Brain over then freed his comrades. The Brain presided as judge in the trial of the Teen Titans. The jury found them guilty and the sentence was death.

The Titans were alerted the Brain was up to something big again. Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy thought they were being gentlemen and went after the Brain without Starfire and Raven. As soon as they entered his fortress, they were captured by his Robot Guards. The Brain locked them up in a prison cell and went about his business. He received a tip from Terra informing him of Raven's plan to free her comrades. He prepared a force field designed to counteract their powers. Raven, Starfire, Jinx, Ravager, and Terra combined their powers into one and overloaded the security system - dropping the field. The Brain attacked them in a giant robot suit. Raven teleported in a cleaver and made it gigantic. Ravager wielded it and sliced the Brain's suit in two. The girls stood triumphantly over the Brain.

The Brain and his robots stole a generator from the Jump City Weapons Depot. It was a crucial component to his plans for world domination. He was surprised to see the Titans show up. Robin admitted their were out of practice but couldn't remember his catch phrase. Tired ot waiting, Brain left with his robots. The Titans infiltrated his fortress and managed to rally themselves to fight his army of robots. Kid Flash suddenly appeared and took out Mallah with a flying kick then Bumblebee and Aqualad soared in and destroyed the generator. The Brain arose in a new robot suit but Batman arrived and destroyed it with a Batarang. Robin was bummed and kicked Brain aside. During Crime Season, the Brain popped a boy's balloon in a park. Cyborg punted Brain into a pond and gave the boy a new balloon. They laughed at the Brain. Brain won third place in a Halloween costume contest for his gumball dispenser outfit.