Brother Blood

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Legs, Waffles, Little Buddies, I See You, Baby Hands, The Best Robin, Accept the Next Proposition You Hear, A Farce, Black Friday, Finally a Lesson, The Titans Show, The Streak: Pt 1, The Fight, and The Chaff
Powers/Skills: Mind Control, Planning, Engineering, and Energy Deflection
Voiced By: John DiMaggio

Brother Blood is the fiendish headmaster of the H.I.V.E. Academy. He was no match for Lady Legasus and was defeated along with every villain in Jump City. Blood still wanted control over the Titans Tower's weapons aresnal but he required all five Titans' voice recognition codes, a failsafe implemented by Robin. Due to their various battles, Blood was able to to prepare for every contingency against the Titans. He issued a false distress signal on the other side of Jump City and set his trap. When Robin, Starfire, and Raven arrived, Blood trapped them in a laser prison that used their powers and abilities against them. When mind control failed, Blood sent his Pain Bot. Before Pain Bot could torture them, the trio complied and recorded the codes.

Brother Blood hacked into the Titans Tower's video feed and issued an ultimatum to Cyborg and Beast Boy to surrender immediately or their friends would be killed. However, the two were in the midst of a stupid game where they could only say "Waffles." The duo confronted Blood and began torturing them with Pain Bot but they only spoke "Waffles." Robin, Starfire, and Raven realized Blood hadn't prepared for every contingency. They broke out singing "Waffles." Driven mad by the stupid game, Blood fled the warehouse atop Pain Bot before he got all the recordings. Brother Blood later battled the Titans again on the streets of Jump City. Nearly beaten to a pulp, Blood summoned Pain Bot and almost won. Robin blew up Pain Bot's remote control with a Birdarang, knocking Blood out as well. Beast Boy and Cyborg were assigned to conduct a stake-out on Brother Blood but were terrible at it and gave their position away.

Brother Blood attacked the city with a large laser cannon. His true plan was to lure the Teen Titans into the open. He then wore a helmet that amplified his mental powers and erased the memories of the Titans so they would no longer have their greatest asset, teamwork. Robin jumped out of the way just in time and destroyed the cannon with his staff. Realizing he got a do-over with the other Titans, Robin hugged Blood. Blood had enough and walked away. He soon turned up at the Jump City Weapons Depot and robbed the place. The Titans arrived but he blasted them with stolen weapons. Once Robin revealed his baby hands to the team, they regained their memories and beat up Blood. Blood resurfaced and kidnapped the City Council only to be swiftly defeated by Team Robin. Blood set up an elaborate trap for the Titans but he managed to capture them without using it. Nonetheless, Blood activated his slow but deadly killing machine on the Titans. When Team Robin arrived, Blood sent the Hurt Bot after them. As he watched the machine near the heroes, Blood was defeated by Super Robin.

The Titans fought Blood at the Jump City Weapons Depot. Blood had a sore stomach from eating junk food. After Robin fainted from smelling one of his farts, Blood used his mind control on the Titans but he had to run to the bathroom. After he emerged from the bathroom, the Titans were gone. Observing the Titans need to follow orders, he started writing specific commands on fortune cookie messages. The Titans built a giant metal cage and punched Robin according to the fortunes. In preparation, Blood only ate a salad but really wanted a chocolate shake. Robin turned the tide by reading palms, looking at astrological signs and shaking a Magic 8 Ball for the Titans. They obeyed then attacked Blood and threw him in the cage. As part of a plan with the Brain and Monsieur Mallah, Blood lured the Titans into the city near Justice Java. He pointed out the millions in dollars worth of property damage caused by them every battle. He used his mind control and caged them. The Titans awoke in court on trial. Blood was the prosecutor. They were found guilty and sentenced to death.

Brother Blood lived in a rent controlled apartment and his landlords later became the Teen Titans. To maintain the quality of the building, the Titans helped fix utilities. Beast Boy attempted to fix his toilet. He later drove him out with his animal forms so the Titans could raise the rent back to market value. During Crime Season, Blood tried to steal the Jade Cat from a museum display by lowering down tied to a rope. As he rose up to the ceiling, the Titans were waiting and beat him up. Blood positioned a giant drill weapon above Jump City but the Titans arrived. Blood was surprised they weren't going to use food, weren't being ironic, and wanted a serious fight. He was intrigued and unleashed his robots on them and retired to central control. The Titans stormed the control room after Robin destroyed the weapon's power source. He gave them a choice of capturing him or saving the city. Blood released the suspensions holding it and the device was dropped. Blood fled the battle with a rocket pack.

Robin had Raven teleport him down below. He used a support mechanism on his staff to catch the device safely before it hit the city. Blood appeared on a monitor and congratulated the Titans but vowed it was just the beginning. Robin promised they would be there to stand in his way. Blood stole advanced technology from Gotham City, Central City, Bludhaven, and Metropolis then combined into a giant flying robot booty designed to expel his mind-control gas. Blood was on the brink of taking all of Jump City but the Titans jumped into their Time Machine and went back one minute. They attempted to portal behind Blood but he suspected something. Eventually, he came face to face with the future Titans and didn't understand what was going on. Cyborg produced a missile launcher from his right ear, rocket from his chin, and laser cannon from left ear. The future Titans attacked Blood in unison and blew up the booty. The two teams of Titans cheered but Blood's boots landed between them, with a leg bone exposed. Past Beast Boy kicked the boot and concluded Blood was gone for good.