The Wolves

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Red Son Rising Part 1
Skills: Theft
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Wolves were a street gang of predatory young punks who were the scourge of the East Side of Gotham City. They were led by a bloodthirsty psycho named Alpha. Alpha lay down the rules of 'the pack' and like any other gang, had their rituals. When a new member, or 'cub,' was initiated into the gang, they had to wear a red hood and act as the lookout during a heist. The Red Hood was the most vulnerable player in the heist and the most visible to the police. He would be the last to leave the scene, if he could. At some point after Dick Grayson quit being Robin, a new initiate named Danny Todd joined the Wolves. Wearing the red hood, he perched atop the emergency stairwell on the side of a building while the gang boosted a store. He alerted them when police arrived but as he made his way down, the stairwell broke and he fell to his death. Batman was deeply troubled by the event and tracked the gang down to The Den, the watering hole of the Wolves. However, a fight already had broken out in the bar.

Danny Todd's young brother, Jason, used a hoodie and domino mask to hide his identity and battled at least 12 members of the Wolves, all nearly twice his age. Jason socked Alpha as Batman entered. Jason picked up a dropped handgun but Batman took it away from him before he could use it.