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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Red Son Rising
Skills: Above Average Strength and Invulnerability
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Straightman is a powerful goon working for the Joker. While based on Amusement Mile, the Joker noticed someone on the Wacky Wheel ferris wheel and notified Straightman of the incursion. Joker joked he was curious why their visitor came in the dead of the night when it was so cold out. While doing a curl rep with a barbell, Straightman asked how cold it was. Joker was amused and poked the back of his head and he explained the visitor was packing heat. Straightman started bashing the base of the ferris wheel with his barbell. After the wheel fell onto the ground, Straightman lifted up one of the passenger cars. Todd shot him several times and it was as if he missed and Straightman was unhurt. He tossed the car and Todd went flying. Joker drove by in a bumper car and tossed a grenade at him. He grabbed the back of Straightman's collar and yanked him along as he drove out of Amusement Mile. Joker quipped it was time to say "Good night, Gracie." Straightman asserted that was his line. Joker was amused and laughed.