Red Hood

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Real Identity: Jason Todd
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Hardware, Mentors Part 1, Mentors Part 2, The Darker Knight, and Red Son Rising
Power/Skills: Strategic Planning, Above Average Physical Attributes, and Agility
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jason Todd and his older brother, Danny, were orphaned at a young age. Jason, in particular, resented a lot of things. To get some money for them both, Danny Todd joined a gang named The Wolves. As part of the gang's initiation ritual, Danny had to wear a red hood and act as their lookout. He perched atop the emergency stairwell on the side of a building while the gang boosted a store. He alerted them when police arrived but as he made his way down, the stairwell broke and he fell to his death. Jason Todd only wanted revenge and tracked down The Wolves to their watering hole, The Den. He used a hoodie and domino mask to hide his identity and battled at least 12 members of the Wolves, all nearly twice his age. Jason socked Alpha as Batman entered. Jason picked up a dropped handgun but Batman took it away from him before he could use it. He realized Batman was a kindred spirit and an idol to model himself after. Not long after that, Bruce Wayne decided to move Jason Todd to Wayne Manor, perhaps in part to fill the void left by Dick Grayson.

Although Barbara Gordon's presence was sparse at the time, she shared Alfred Pennyworth's opinion that despite Wayne's best intentions, they thought Todd's admittance to the Batcave was premature. Jason Todd's training sessions exhibited his amazing energy and skill levels but also his unfettered ferocity. Although he was the equal of Grayson at his age, Todd showed signs of anger issues. He also looked at the Robin suit daily and obsessively. Pennyworth shared his concern with Batman. Batman assured Pennyworth he had it under control and they already had long discussions on the matter. Jason Todd would become Robin when Batman decided he was ready. That evening, Todd took the suit of its case without permission and joined a surprised Batman in a battle with Firefly. At some point, Batman witnessed Jason Todd's death. However, Todd survived.

One night, upon returning to Gotham City four years later, Jason Todd stood under an awning and watched Batman chase after a giant robot. He forgot how fun Gotham could be. As the robot approached WayneTech, he mused things were about to get personal for Batman. Jason Todd spent an hour on a street. He reminisced, thinking that's were "it" all began. He felt a creepy, cold vibe but it felt good to him. A man in an apartment building nearby yelled at Todd and told him it was against the law to loiter. He threatened to call the police. Todd let his temper get to him and he pulled a handgun. He implored the man to start dialing and see how far he got. The man raised his hands and backed off. Todd realized that was stupid of him and he couldn't let morons tick him off since he had bigger fish to fry. He walked away as the Batsignal was projected into the sky.

One night in downtown, Todd walked against the flow of civilians fleeing away from a theater where Batman, Robin, and Batgirl were fighting Clayface. He recalled downtown Gotham always guaranteed a great show even if the movies were bad. He observed a sequel was in progress. He changed his mind and called it a reboot. Todd climbed the fire escape ladder up the side of a building, then walked up the stairs then jumped down to the roof of the theater. He observed the battle from there. A short time later, Todd tailed Batgirl and watched her battle Roxy Rocket in Midtown with a pair of binoculars. Deathstroke approached Batgirl with an offer to join him then noticed Todd and pointed him out. Todd was surprised and bolted roof to roof. He decided to lie low because he worked too hard for his plans to unravel. The next morning, Barbara Gordon told Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, and Alfred Pennyworth about the mystery man. She admitted she barely caught a glimpse of him. Wayne asked if there was anything identifiable about him. Gordon clarified she just saw a shadow. Wayne advised everyone to stay sharp because if he was after them, he would tip his hand eventually.

That night, Todd spied on Batman fighting the Wonderland Gang. Batman noticed the tiniest flicker of light from a old storage building nearby. Not using the roof access door, Todd fled the scene without being seen by Batman. Todd fired an extra thin cable into a building a block away and used his strength to escape. 33 seconds later, Batman arrived at the vantage spot but Todd was long gone. In the aftermath of the fire at the Gotham Natural History Museum, Todd perched on a roof and observed Batman questioning Deathstroke. The next day, Batman analyzed satellite imagery of Todd but it wasn't sufficient enough to identify him. There was enough for Batman to conclude he was an athlete of extraordinary strength. Todd followed Deathstroke back to his hideout and listened in. He was shocked to hear Deathstroke promise Lex Luthor that Batman would be dead in the next 24 hours. He went to the Gotham University Campus Library and managed to slip a note in a Historical Society book about Old Gotham in a chapter about the Tri-State Dam.

Todd slipped out of the library undetected and left no prints on the note. Barbara Gordon, a librarian at the library, found the note and, with Tim Drake, deduced a trap was set for Batman at the Tri-State Dam. Todd perched on a gargoyle statue and grinned in satisfaction. Batman and Batgirl realized their stalker knew everything about them and their opponents. Batman was still curious why he chose a game of cat-and-mouse. Batman briefly suspected Azrael of being the mystery stalker following him the last few weeks but quickly dismissed the theory. Jason Todd observed their alley fight from a roof above them. He thought Azrael was like a panther. Once he fled the scene and plowed through a wooden fence, Todd remarked there was never a dull moment. From a gargoyle near the Iceberg Lounge, Jason Todd watched Batman and Azrael confront Penguin and fight his wing man Mr. Wing. Azrael tossed Penguin off the balcony then left alone. Todd couldn't believe Batman let someone else pull the vanishing act on him. He wanted Batman to pull his head out of his cape so he could see what's coming.

Jason Todd sneaked onto Amusement Mile and hid on a Wacky Wheel Ferris Wheel while he spied on the Joker, who was in the Krazy House's House of Mirrors with his playing cards. Todd admitted to himself it wasn't always easy for him to work with allies and bitter experience taught him to appreciate them while he could. The Joker noticed someone on the Wacky Wheel ferris wheel and notified his goon, Straightman of the incursion. Jason Todd loaded his hand gun and remarked it felt like a lifetime ago, not only four years ago. Joker joked he was curious why their visitor came in the dead of the night when it was so cold out. While doing a curl rep with a barbell, Straightman asked how cold it was. Joker was amused and poked the back of his head and he explained the visitor was packing heat. Todd reminded himself he was only performing reconnaissance to scope out Joker's movements and see if he had any back up. He was relieved Harley Quinn nor Bud and Lou were around and all Joker had was one man.

Jason Todd's thoughts were interrupted when Straightman started bashing the base of the ferris wheel with his barbell. After the wheel fell onto the ground, Straightman lifted up one of the passenger cars. Todd shot him several times and it was as if he missed and Straightman was unhurt. He tossed the car and Todd went flying. Joker drove by in a bumper car and tossed a grenade at him. Jason Todd extricated himself from the debris and fled the scene but Batman recovered his handgun. Batman examined the gun over and over. He kept getting the same result, the prints on the bullets belonged to Jason Todd. Pennyworth couldn't believe it. Batman was certain Jason Todd was the mystery stalker. Pennyworth reminded him Todd was dead and he saw it himself. Tim Drake overheard and demanded to know what was going on. Batman stated he needed to get out to the city and told Pennyworth to tell Drake everything about Jason Todd.