Ted Kord

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Real Identity: Ted Kord
Affiliations: Kord Enterprises
Appearances (Episodes): #DoubleDanvers
Powers/Skills: Genius and Business
Voiced By: Max Mittleman

Ted Kord is a billionaire whiz-kid scientist/investor and owner of Kord Enterprises. During his search for the next big teen trend, he agreed to listen to some pitches from Jeremiah Danvers at his home on a Friday night. Ted Kord arrived for the pitches and joked about having no relation to Kord Enterprises, the company that Business-Bro Magazine called an up and coming powerhouse. He quickly shook everyone's hands then gave Bizarro Supergirl, who was standing in for Kara Danvers who went to a concert, a copy of the issue. He assumed she was Danvers. She looked at her hand for her "notes" and replied, "Yeah." He joked she couldn't find anything better to do on a Friday night. She looked at her hand and replied, "No." Kord realized he didn't either. She looked at her hand and replied, "Cool." Jeremiah tried his opening speech but Kord cut him off and suggested they get down to business. Bizarro looked at her hand and said, "Yeah." Kord noted she didn't talk much. Bizarro looked at her hand and said, "No." He admired that. The pitches weren't going well.

Lastly, Jeremiah Danvers presented his Laundry Mist spray, put some dirt on Bizarro's arm and gave her the spray bottle. Bizarro smashed the bottle instead of spraying and got the solution all over, including the necklace Kara Danvers put on her. Kord and Jeremiah both realized the spray's ethanoic acid altered the tanzanite gem's plaocroistic structure on the molecular level and created a synthetic version of Periwinkle Krytonite. Kord ran a scan on the necklace and noticed low-level radiation. He realized it was now Kryptonite. The Periwinkle Kryptonite had the opposite effect and Bizarro and made her angry. She grabbed Kord, asked him if he was afraid of heights, and flew outside. Supergirl threw Jeremiah's Note-A-Rang at Bizarro. She dodged it easily but dropped Kord. Supergirl saved him and caught the Note-A-Rang. Bizarro chided her for missing but Supergirl revealed she used it to snatch the Periwinkle Kryptonite off her. Bizarro returned to normal, groaned, and flew away. Supergirl landed with Kord and told the Danvers that Kara was sorry. Kord interrupted and told Jeremiah his ideas were horrible but he had a head for science so they should keep talking.